Choosing a Disneyland Good Neighbor Hotel

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Choosing a Disneyland Good Neighbor Hotel can seem to be a challenging decision but, with a little information, finding the right hotel for your Disneyland vacation can be simple.Disneyland Good Neighbors

All Disney Good Neighbor Hotels meet Disney’s high quality standards and are near to the Disneyland Resort.

Disney has selected 41 hotel properties to partner with and your agent from the Magic for Less Travel can help you navigate through them all.

The hotels are divided into 4 different categories.  Economy being those hotels that provide the best value with the least amenities.  Moderate hotels that provide a great value with more amenities.  Superior Hotels that provide outstanding services and amenities.  Suites that provide options for families and those who require a more home-like feel.

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Once you have selected the type of property that fits your needs and budget, you will want to then look at location.  Most Good Neighbor Hotels are within a 2 mile distance of the Disneyland Resort.  All of them are on the Anaheim Resort Transit line or provide a transportation option to get you from their hotel to the Disneyland Resort.  These transportation options can be included in the hotel price or will be available for purchase.  In an effort to minimize traffic congestion around the Disneyland resort, many hotels joined with the Anaheim Resort Transit service and stopped providing private transfers.

There are properties that are right across the street from the main entrance so you can walk to the Theme Parks.  There are also properties that are a little bit away that provide less road traffic and may provide free parking.  The closer hotels tend to be standard hotel rooms with the suite-like properties a little farther away.

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Of course, the ultimate place to stay is at one of the three Disney On-Site hotels but, if those are not available or not in your budget, you can always find a great place to stay at a Good Neighbor Hotel.  For help planning a Disneyland vacation please contact me or The Magic for Less Travel


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