Very happy Magic for Less guest just off their Disney cruise

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Our agent is Great! Our agent is Fantastic! If I could, I would get a little bobble head figure of her and put it on the dash of my car! After booking this trip over 18 months ago, and also having not having sat my rear on a airplane in over 30 years (much less taking a international flight), I was full of questions and last minute ‘what if’s’ emails that she always responded to and walked me through. Even while we were on the cruise and got place holders for future cruises, she checked and let us know that they had not made it into the DCL system so we could make sure it was in place before we got off board . In the past, she has saved us literally hundreds of dollars by monitoring price drops and adjusting our reservations accordingly so that we could take advantage of the discounts (it is always exciting to see her email pop up with ‘something magical has happened’ in my email).   We have used her for numerous bookings over at least the past 15 years and she is so much more than ‘just a TA’, she is a friend. We always recommend her, not for the referrals credit, but because we know when she is on it, it will be done right and we want our friends and family who are visiting the world of cruising to have the very best and stress free experience possible. With this cruise, since it was the first time in thirty years I’ve flown internationally (let alone post 911 TSA security) and my wife having never flown, our agent talked me down from a lot of ledges over things she didn’t have to since it didn’t deal with actual cruise itself. Even while we were on our cruise (B2B British Isles and WBTA) she was in contact with us to let us know things such as our on board place holders had not made it into the Disney system, so that we could take care of it while we were still on board. I say this not only as a friend but as a client, she does the very best to ensure that her clients have the very best experience possible. Her knowledge is practical and extensive and if she is any indication as how the TMFL is overall, then it is a 5 star company indeed!

-Chuck H

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Mic Anderson

About Mic Anderson

Mic has worked in the travel industry for 30 years. She started specializing in Disney travel with The Magic for Less Travel in 2005. While no longer taking on new clients, Mic enjoy's keeping busy with some administrative tasks for the company which keeps her updated and enjoying her passion for all things Disney.

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