All the places to Find Butterbeer and Butterbeer Treats

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Where to find butterbeer mug

Are you looking for all the places to find Butterbeer and Butterbeer flavored treats? If you’re a fan of Harry Potter then you already know what Butterbeer is, but haven’t you always wanted to taste it? The non-alcoholic “butterscotch-ish” flavored drink can be found in many locations in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando and it comes in many forms!

  • Hot Butterbeer – Rich and creamy Butterbeer served with foam on top
  • Frozen Butterbeer – Slushy Butterbeer served with foam on top
  • Cold Butterbeer – Traditional soda-like Butterbeer
  • Butterbeer Fudge – 2 layer fudge with a butterscotch flavoring
  • Butterbeer Ice Cream – Super creamy with a lot of foam flavoring
  • Butterbeer Float (you have to make this one yourself!) – Combine Butterbeer Ice Cream and Cold Butterbeer for a perfect float!

Where to find Butterbeer at Universal Orlando

Hogsmeade Village in Islands of Adventure

Butterbeer Carts – purchasing Butterbeer from the carts in Hogsmeade is always a fun experience. These large red barrels serve cold and frozen Butterbeer.

red butterbeer cart   

The Three Broomsticks – has all of the Butterbeer option. You can find hot, frozen, cold and the only place for ice cream in Hogsmeade.

Hog’s Head serves alcoholic drinks but also has many Butterbeer options! You can have hot, frozen or cold Butterbeer here.

Honeduke’s has Butterbeer fudge.

Butterbeer mug
Diagon Alley in Universal Studios 

The Leaky Cauldron has all of the Butterbeer option. You can find hot, frozen, traditional cold and ice cream!

The Fountain of Fair Fortune and The Hopping Pot serve many types of Butterbeer including traditional, frozen, and ice cream! The Hopping Pot also serves hot Butterbeer. This is where I recommend buying Butterbeer soft serve ice cream and a Butterbeer to make a float! My personal secret float recipe is (2) soft serve ice creams to (1) traditional Butterbeer.

Fountain Fair Fortune Diagon Alley

Florean Fortescue’s Ice-Cream Parlour serves Butterbeer ice cream.

Sugarplum’s Sweet Shop has Butterbeer fudge.

No matter where you get Butterbeer in the Wizarding World it is always refreshing any time of year! My favorite part of Butterbeer is the foam topping which is why the Butterbeer float is my favorite treat! What is your favorite form of Butterbeer and why?

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