Cost of a vacation is high, the experience of our agents is priceless and at no extra charge!

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Our Magic for Less agent was absolutely amazing! I could not plan this trip without her help and expertise! She was so kind and quick to respond to ALL of my questions ( I had a lot lol!) I would recommend her services to everyone! She truly made our vacation extra special and sprinkled her magic pixie dust along the way! She does more than just book a trip for you, she truly loves spreading the Disney Magic to her clients and it shows! I can’t say enough, thanks for all your help!
-Danielle A 

Our Magic for Less travel counselor has answered all of my email questions.  Worked with me with schedule changes and Fastpass planning. She has provided emails with the weather, memory maker, and deadlines.  Love working with her again.

I’ve never opted to use a travel agent for any trips I’ve taken before. I reached out to my agent on a recommendation from a family member and was SO happy I did. I could not have imagined planning this vacation without her and have loved the experience so much I’ve sent her referral link to 4 people I know (and am planning on a 5th). I could not be more pleased with this experience.
-Suzanne T

Definitely very helpful, very knowledgeable and helped plan and arrange everything.  It truly saved us a tremendous amount of time (that I really didn’ t have).  She scheduled all details of the trip, including flights, fast passes, rental car, and mobility scooter!

It (the planning experience) has exceeded my expectations.  Our Magic for Less agent has answered all questions promptly and seems to genuinely care about our trip – not just “selling us” something.  I’ve talked to her on the phone several times and she is a joy to work with!
-Trish K

We’re pretty self-sufficient trip planners but we still find it valuable to have a travel agent that we can call for advice or help in booking something. It is comforting to know that he is always available to help get FastPasses, book dining, etc.  (though we usually do those ourselves) as well as book special events. He is incredibly knowledgeable about Disney Parks. We’ve had some pretty fun conversations about exciting things at Disney World and Disneyland.  He has been my friend and our travel agent for 19+ years! The greatest value for us in partnering with him on our trip planning is that we know we can count on him to watch for discounts or other ways to save money on our trip. He’s saved us a great deal of time and month over the years.
-Vicki O

We have worked with our agent for several years now & he has been great to take care of booking our cruises & answer any of our questions!  I always recommend him anytime some ask about our trips!
-Melissa M

Our Magic for Less planner is with you all the way, from initial planning on thru trip completion – he offers very insightful suggestions and always responds to every question we have, fully and completely. That is why we keep coming back to him- we wish all travel advisors could be as good as he – he sets the bar very high!
-Dick B

Our Magic for Less agent has been outstanding.   I have previously gone through Disney direct, but she has given us so much more information and better value for money
-Desley L

Because of the due diligence of our agent, I had no worries as I started my vacation. I knew what to expect, when to expect it, and could focus instead on having fun with my wife and our friends on our joint vacation. It was seamless, and there were no problems with anything related to our vacation as everything was easily handled well in advance and with great communication.
-Valton K

Our Magic for Less counselor is wonderful.  She helps with all of the details of my vacation.  She handles any requests promptly and makes sure I remember the small details about my vacation, which could play a big part if ignored.  I have been a client of hers for fifteen years, and I recommend her to all of my friends.
-Thomas K


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Sharing is caring!

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  1. Looking for help trying to plan our first trip. Family if 4. 2 kids will be 11 by the time we go. Was thinking some time in Feb.

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