Disney Springs Magical Holiday Trees

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Walt Disney World is even more magical during the holidays and Disney Springs trail of magical holiday trees is a hidden gem not to be missed!  But the holiday trees found throughout the Walt Disney World resort are far beyond typical Christmas trees.  The tree sizes vary but all are expertly themed and beautifully decorated.

We often see pictures or hear people talk about the flagship trees in each park or resort but did you know that  you can enjoy an entire Christmas Tree Trail at Disney Springs?  The Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail has continued to grow in numbers and in detail each holiday season.  In 2017 the trail included 25 holiday trees each inspired by a Disney character, movie, or theme!

Entrance to the trail

Guests can enjoy these trees by day or night.  However, there are so many details and unusual decorations to enjoy, my vote goes to day time viewing.  But you definitely can’t go wrong with either!

While the trees are all vastly different there are a couple of things that are consistent on each one.  The first is each tree includes a lantern that features a key character or item consistent with the movie or theme it is representing.  For example, on the Sleeping Beauty tree you will find Princess Aurora in the lantern.   The Beauty and the Beast lantern showcases Belle and Beast dancing together.


The second is the backdrop and tree “skirt” that perfectly frames and sets the tone for each tree.

You can easily lose track of time studying the limitless number of details incorporated into each and every tree.  Disney Springs is open to the public so you can enjoy this amazing display without any additional cost!

It is not too early to start thinking about a holiday visit to Walt Disney World for 2018.  If you would like more information about a Walt Disney World vacation check out The Mouse for Less.com.  If you would like a quote please feel free to contact me or request a free no obligation quote from The Magic for Less.

It turns out dingle hoppers make great holiday decorations too!

Pictures are great but nothing compares to experiencing the magic of the holidays at Walt Disney World in person!

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