Guest Feedback – December 9, 2013

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Just amazing!!! Our TMFLT counselor is the best. She always does a great job helping us with vacation.

-Tera S

Everything was taken care of for us! We received great tips on where to eat, received our luggages tags in the mail, very relaxing!  I was very impressed with our agent and the Magic for Less. If I had booked on my own I would never have known I could receive the dining plan free by changing resorts. She did all the work for us!

-Diane L

Our TMFLT agent was able to answer questions for me that I couldn’t find the answers for.  He was able to give me more information on WiFi, MNSSHP, room request information, Magic Bands, dining and cruises.  His tips and information helped me to finalize our plans. 

-Carey K

I have used TMFL for quite a few years now and have never been disappointed.  Our TMFLT counselor is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and always willing to help when I am questioning things, changing my mind, adding days, etc.  The fact that things like dining reservations are done by the agency is a huge help in planning the vacations.  We had another successful, wonderful, magical vacation this year!!!!!

-Kim M

Apart from helping us with absolutely everything since we started going to Disney with our kids 8 years ago, on this trip she was all over Magic Bands, using the website and FastPass+.  As I rode Toy Story, which I never go to the park early enough to get a fast pass and ride before, I was thanking her.  The “secret” tips she shared were awesome!!!  Your service worked perfectly for us … again.

-Jen M

Our agent was great. She helped my mom & mother-in-law book this trip for my husbands & my 25th anniversary. She made sure we knew what to do every step & gave us information & advice that really helped. I would love to go again & would definitely use her services & the Magic For Less Travel again.   Just a word of advice, if you want a Bahamas t- shirt, buy it on Castaway Cay & not Nassau. We found the same shirt we bought our son in Nassau, for half the price on Castaway Cay.

-Patricia N

All reservations were perfect and the timeliness of everything just clicked with no hitches at all.  If I had tried to arrange all this on my own, I would not have been able to secure hotel rooms like our counselor did.  Also, she got us the best deal possible.  The hotel was even cheaper at the end than when I had booked.   

-Janet D

I had several different legs of my trip (time in the Parks, cruise, Universal and Sea World) and several families went, who all came and went at different times, which would normally make planning such a trip a logistical nightmare!   However, our TMFLT counselor made it all easy and seamless. I couldn’t have done it without her!

-Carriann E

I like having our TMFLT agent on my side, makes me feel I’m ahead of the game!

-Maryette H

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