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We had never been on a Disney cruise or to the parks so we had many questions and our agent was able to help us with all of it.

-Joelle M

Our counselor helped me to be sure I had all the details and preparations in place for our vacation.  I have never planned a big vacation with several locations like this before.  I left for my vacation assured that all the plans were made.  I had contact information in hand, just in case I needed assistance while on our trip.  It was so well planned that I didn’t need extra assistance while on vacation.  It was wonderful.

-Barbara L

The information provided was detailed enough that I didn’t have to ask questions but not so much information that I had to pick through tons of details.  very helpful.

-Jamie H

Our agent was very helpful and her communication skills are wonderful!  I would recommend her to anyone interested in traveling.  Her gifts on our cruise were such a surprise and very thoughtful on her part.

-Lorry W

I discussed with our agent what kind of vacation we were considering and she did all the searching work to find the perfect cruises and cabins for us.  And her follow-up emails were always very timely and helpful as our travel date got closer.  I’ll use her services for our next vacation!

-Ruth H

Our counselor (as usual) was fantastic… this was only our second cruise and the first with excursions, I repeatedly bombarded her e-mail with questions, many times as the questions popped into my mind and she always replied not only in a timely manner with helpful ideas but sometimes within a hour.  Being frequent travelers to WDW we pretty much know our way around, but when it comes to cruising we’re pretty much newbies and had a ton of questions. Not only was our planning virtually seamless with her guidance, when we arrived to our stateroom we discovered a gift of sparkling cider in a bucket of ice waiting for us to toast our 25th wedding anniversary cruise. I reckon we’ve been using our counselor for at least 9 or 10 years with never a hiccup. I recommend her to all of my friends, not for the gift card, but because I know that she will go the extra mile to make their vacation ‘magical’. Over the years she has become more than a TA but a friend and we regular trade emails or comment on each other’s FB postings.


It certainly made the process easier and less time- consuming. Once there, there was little to worry about.

-Phyllis D

It was so easy!!!!  Our agent handled a lot of the details.  I have used her many times and can’t say enough good  things about her.  Sometimes I have asked question after question and she responds quickly with the answers.

-Carol C

She was so very helpful. Every question I asked her she provided an answer. With me not knowing anything about the area she even put us up in an area that was a safe environment.

-Mildred W

As always, our counselor provided timely updates to cruise policies as well as activities/options during the cruise.  Lots of info prior to the cruise with plenty of time to review the material.

-Eric M 

We’re experienced WDW visitors but it was still wonderful to have someone to verify our reservations and bounce ideas off of for new/special things we wanted to do on this trip.

-Brandon M

I felt like an expert by the time my trip rolled around.  So many details I would have forgotten to take care of and our agent did it all for me.  Have already recommended her and your group to a friend.  All the little freebies was a nice touch.

-Holly P

Our trip was enhanced by our agent breaking our trip down, making great suggestions on types of tickets to by and how to use the fast pass.

-Jimmy D

Our counselor was extremely knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire planning process. She answered every question we had, and went out of her way to stay in contact with us via emails and phone calls. She is so upbeat and got us so excited about our cruise, even when it was still months away.

-Kristine R

Through her network, our agent was able to ask colleagues and other clients about some tours and services we were looking to go on and use in London pre-cruise.  All the information was spot-on.

-George H 

Questions were answered extremely efficiently!! Resort reservations and Magical Express reservations were made for us.  Great and helpful information about the resort, magic bands, memory maker were included with our initial payment.

-Dianna G

Our agent recommended resorts and helped us decide what would best meet our needs. She responded quickly to each question with helpful ideas to make our trip the BEST! She suggested the  Disney Dining Plan and it was great!

-Mary H

Our counselor is like a good friend, if and when you need her, she is always available.

-Laura C 

She coordinated two families with connecting accommodations at the last minute.  We got everything we wanted at a good value.

-Courtney S

The handicap cabin was just what my mother, needed easy access, very roomy and comfortable. The dining plans fit very well into our schedule each day. We would not have know about these places without our agent’s help.  We all had a great experience and made the most of our time with the dining plans and fast passes, we did not want to leave. We hope to come back soon .

-Karen S 



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