Our agents are available to assist you from beginning to end, even when you are in the Disney Parks!

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Our agent was quick and responsive to every question I had. It was great. I didn’t have to spend time googling questions. She had great information and tips to share.  Even when we had a slight issue in the park, I was able to call her for help.

-Megan L

Seeing as this was our family’s first venture into all things Disney, I appreciated our agent’s  knowledge, suggestions, and experience as I planned our trip.   He was helpful and gave his time willingly.  Our 2nd floor Savanna-view room was PERFECT, and his advice for our fastpasses was spot on.  It was a magical once in a lifetime trip for sure, and we hope to do it again one day soon.

-Jessica F

Our agent was OUTSTANDING in helping us plan a family vacation which included 16 people!  From start to finish, she was back to us immediately in answering any and all email questions, giving added advice, etc.  Couldn’t imagine how we would have planned this trip without her!  Much thanks to her!

-Nancy S

Our counselor made this entire vacation a real pleasure for my family of 9.  We felt very confident that he could meet all of our needs and answer all our questions, and he did.  His tips and recommendations were very helpful.  He was there for us all the time.

-Richard R

Our agent was great, helped answer all of our questions (we had a lot) and gave us useful advice helping us decide which resort we should choose and what type of park tickets to buy, etc. He was very patient with us and friendly, we even got to meet him in person while on our vacation! Would definitely recommend and plan on using his services to book our next vacation!

-Amy S

It made everything so much simpler and less overwhelming. Our agent made everything so easy and was super helpful and informative. She gave us suggestions on everything and always was available to answer any questions I had.

-Catherine W

Without our travel planner, we would’ve had no clue all of the intricacies of traveling to Disney. She ensured we were on track for every step. She is very knowledgeable and helpful. 

-Diana S

My travel agent was very knowledgeable about all things Disney and was able to assist me with every question I had. I had a great trip because of his excellent services.

-Alisa P

Our agent takes all the stress away by doing all my bookings for dining and FP as well as the trip package!

-Marilyn McK

Our agent is a wealth of knowledge on travel, especially Disney. She’s enthusiastic, friendly, helpful, and responsive.

-Lisa W

She answered all our questions and responded immediately. She made it feel like we were her priority.

-Cassie H

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