Our agents can make your Trip of a Lifetime a reality

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THANK YOU for making our Trip of a Lifetime a reality.   Our agent smiled and supported me and answered my questions, LOTS of questions, and thanks to you our time in Ireland was indeed a Trip of a Lifetime.

-Mary B

I am usually a DIY (do it yourself)  kind of person, but having my agent’s help made it easier and didn’t cost me anymore. In fact, she was able to get me a cabin I couldn’t get on my own! Highly recommend her!

-Lourdes R

Our agent was extremely helpful, and very knowledgeable . She was prompt with her responses and helped me with every aspect of the travel plan.

-Hima D

Our Magic for Less agent managed to book our shore excursions for our next cruise while we were away in Italy taking a lot of pressure off of us.  She is always magically available to answer all questions even when I forget what hour or day I am texting her.

-Patricia C

We have used our agent for Disney vacations in the past, and she is always helpful.  And since Disney is always changing, her knowledge of various things and helpful hints (cooling towels !)  is always appreciated.  Even my last minute questions are always answered in a friendly and timely manner.  She gave me so many useful ideas before our vacation, that I was ready for most things  We are seasoned Disney vacationers, but her up-to-date knowledge is always beyond my expectations.  She is wonderful !  

-Susan E

I had the confidence that I did not have to watch any site or coupons making sure that I got the best price possible and the best time ever!

-Deborah N

She was always quick to answer any questions, and willing to make any changes we needed no matter how complicated they were. She gave us many options to consider when choosing our resort as well.


Our agent was wonderful!  Due to her hard work our vacation was just perfect.  She gave us all the information we needed to know to make everything run smooth.  It was the best vacation ever for myself and my grandson.  We will definitely use the services of her again for or vacation needs.

-Joyce J

Our agent was very helpful.  I didn’t know much at all about planning our vacation.  She offered many tips and suggestions but was not pushy if I went another direction.  We loved her and will use her again in the future.

-Tonya O

I like to be prepared ahead of time and by talking with our travel counselor over the last 6 months while we planned our vacation allowed us to work out the details that made for an awesome vacation.  Its like talking to a friend who has extensive knowledge on the parks and hotels!  We were able to bounce ideas back and forth and get valuable feedback!  Working with him took the guesswork out of our vacation planning.

-Debbie C

Our agent has done a great job on three of our vacations and we look forward to using her again.  Also I would be very comfortable to recommend her to others.

-Jeff D

Excellent service, I felt like our agent dropped everything to make sure I was taken care of.  She kept in contact regularly until all details had been confirmed.  I would highly recommend.

-Eric L

It was easy and I was at ease!  I felt I was having the Disney experience from my first conversation with our agent.  I had only 2 weeks to plan the entire trip to both Disney & Universal and was so overwhelmed with choices, decisions, options, research and lack of time.  She was extremely helpful and easy to work with, and always willing to help or answer questions.  Aaaaaamazing!!   My agent  & The Magic for Less made my Disney dreams come true!  Thank you SO SO much!  I’m so impressed with her, her knowledge, helpfullness and customer service! 

-Liza F

My family has had the pleasure of working with our agent for about five years now.  In that time, her expertise in planning along with her attention to detail has enabled my family to create magical memories that will live with us forever.  Over the years she has learned our vacation and touring styles and can make recommendations on experiences we might enjoy.  She has never steered us wrong!  Should an issue arise, she is quick to act and sticks with it until there is full resolution.  Simply put, she provides true concierge service to all of her clients and I cannot even fathom planning a trip without her.  She is an invaluable resource and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

-Drew R

Couldn’t have done this without our Magic for Less agent.  I have not been to Disney in 25 years and it was all new and confusing,  From intial plans to the day to day when we were there.  She helped us every step of the way and did everything possible to make each step the easiest and most magical as possible!!!   We can’t begin to thank her enough!!!! 

-Shannon K

I was told by my friend who referred us to The Magic For Less when booking your trip to Disney (especially since this was our first trip as a family there) to use your agency and she specifically referred us to our agent.  Our agent’s dedication to her work and all of her reminders, tips and overall concern for the success of our trip was truly special.  We had a tremendous time in Disney with our three girls and a lot of credit goes to her for all of her hard work in helping plan this adventure.

-Matthew A

Our agent was fantastic! She streamlined the planning process so much. While I’ve planned Disney trips in the past, planning for a group of 7 people with various needs was more than I was ready or able to tackle!  She helped us decide what would be the best hotel, package, dining plan, etc. for our group, and walked us through the entire process of booking, making dining reservations, and FP+ planning. She was prompt in her responses to all questions, and available by phone, email, and text. She even called in to Disney to fix a technical issue I had at 8pm the night before my FP+ booking day!

-Kaitlin P

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