Walt Disney World Sea Raycers a fun way to explore

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Sea Raycer
Walt Disney World Sea Raycer

Have you seen the little Sea Raycer boats zipping around on the water at Disney World?  My son and I were able to rent Walt Disney World Sea Raycers on a trip to Disney World from the marina at Old Key West. These or similar motorized boats used to be called “Water Mice” which is much cuter, but as usual Disney forgot to ask my opinion before changing the name.

Regardless of the name, what is a Sea Raycer you might be wondering. It is a small motorized boat that says it can fit two, but I doubt it would fit two adults, and in fact we were told that my son (age 18 at the time) and I had to get separate boats, err sorry Sea Raycers. So that “two” would have to be an adult and a child. Anyone over age 12 and at least 5 feet tall is allowed to drive their own Sea Raycer.

Renting a Walt Disney World Sea Raycer has been something on my very long bucket list for Disney trips, and as many of those new options often get put off, it had been getting put off for years. We were visiting in June, which is not our normal time of year, and it was hot. So one day on our park break, instead of the pool or an air conditioned nap in our nice villa, we decided to go for a spin in the Sea Raycers. If you look here on this map (you might need to make it a bit bigger) you can see where Old Key West is number 27, and we followed the waterway towards Downtown Disney.   We headed out of the marina at Old Key West and past the lighthouse.

OKW Lighthouse
Old Key West Lighthouse


OKW Waterway
Old Key West Waterway

It was quite easy to get comfortable with driving the Sea Raycers for both Sean and I, we did have to keep reminding ourselves to slow down while we were in the slow section going through Old Key West.   Because of this it was more of a relaxing ride, than any sort of super fast speedboat ride.   This allowed us to enjoy the beauty of the resort around us.

OKW Flower 2
Old Key West Flower
OKW Flower
Old Key West Flower

We were able to open up the throttle a little when we got to Village Lake and play around a little bit, but you need to be careful of boat traffic with the ferries running from the resorts.

You can currently rent Sea Raycers at the following marinas:

Disney’s Polynesian, Disney’s Contemporary, Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club, Disney’s Grand Floridian, Disney’s Wilderness Lodge and Disney’s Fort Wilderness.    (unfortunately they are not longer available at Old Key West or Port Orleans)

Current costs including tax are:

30 minutes for $34.08

45 minutes $42.60

60 minutes 47.93

Sea Raycers at the Poly
Walt Disney World Sea Raycers at the Polynesian Village Resort


So if you are looking for something new and fun to do on your next vacation, consider renting a Sea Raycer.   Need to get that next vacation booked?    Please contact The Magic for Less Travel for a free no obligation quote.



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