Adult Beverages on Disney Cruise Line

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Disney Cruise Line is a fantastic vacation for families, but they also have great offerings for adults!  Do you enjoy adult beverages while on vacation?  While Disney Cruise Line does not offer an all you can drink style drink package, they do offer discounts and specials on several adult beverage options!

Disney Cruise Line Wine and Dine Packages

One popular option is the Disney Cruise Line Wine and Dine packages.  By purchasing your wine in a bundle, you can save up to 25% off the per bottle price.  The Wine and Dine packages can be purchased from your serving team in all the dining rooms with the exception of Remy and Enchante.

There are Classic Packages for standard wine options and Premium Packages for premium wines.  A 3 night package would include 3 bottles of wine, a 4 night package would include 4 bottles of wine and so on.  Disney currently offers 3, 4, 5, and 7 night options.

Wine and Dine Brochure

Wine and Dine Bottle Packages

Classic Packages

  • 3-Night Package $100
  • 4-Night Package $130
  • 5-Night Package $156
  • 7-Night Package $210

Premium Packages

  • 3-Night Package $150
  • 4-Night Package $199
  • 5-Night Package $244
  • 7-Night Package $320

A 18% gratuity will be added for the servicing your bottle package.

If you do not finish your wine at dinner, you may take it back to your stateroom or your server can bring it to the dining room for the next night.  Want to have more than one bottle one night?  You absolutely can! If you do not finish all of your bottles, you may take up to two bottles per person off the ship with you.

Disney Cruise Line OnBoard Gifts

Another option is to preorder adult beverages to be delivered to your stateroom through Disney Cruise Line OnBoard Gifts.  Offerings and pricing can vary by departure port.  Some options include wine, sparkling wine, and  6 packs of beer or seltzers.  You can also preorder your wine packages for dinner.  If you decide to preorder your wine packages, then you will receive a note in your stateroom on embarkation day letting you know how to receive your wines, but you can also wait to purchase those onboard in the dining room.

For the beer lovers in your group, you can purchase a Disney Cruise Line-branded beer mug and bring to any onboard bar and get a 21 oz. refill of beer for the price of a 16 oz. size!

Beer Mug

Beer brands can vary depending on port of call, selections may include:

  • Heineken
  • Bud Light
  • Miller Lite
  • Stella Artois
  • Guinness
  • Angry Orchard
  • Michelob Ultra
  • Samuel Adams
  • Blue Moon
  • Kona Longboard
  • Newcastle Brown Ale

Alcohol will only be delivered if an adult 21 years of age or older with photo ID is present to sign for the delivery.  For ships departing from a Texas port, alcohol will only be delivered once the ship is at sea.  An 18% service charge will be automatically added to all beverage purchases. Alcohol items may not be taken off the ship once opened.

Disney Cruise Line Cooler Bag

Disney Cruise Line Cooler Bag
Cooler bag can vary by ship and can sell out so make sure to purchase as soon as you board!

There may be other special offers available at the pool bars.  They often offer a discount on the purchase of beer or seltzer when you purchase a Disney Cruise Line cooler bag.  It is perfect for lounging poolside or enjoying on the beach at Castaway Cay!  You can ask your room steward for ice.  I suggest checking as soon as you board as they can sell out of the coolers!

Enjoying a Truly on Castaway Cay

Bring your own adult beverages!

Disney Cruise Line Alcohol Rules

Guests 21 years and older may bring some adult beverages on board.  There is a maximum of 2 bottles of unopened wine or champagne (no larger than 750 ml) or 6 beers (no larger than 12 ounces) allowed at the beginning of the voyage and at each port of call. These beverages must be packed in your carry-on.

Let no one tell you that Disney Cruise Line is just for kids!  There are so many ways that adults can have fun, too!  You can read more about Disney Cruise Line adult fun here and here!

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