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My Magic for Less agent gives great advice and answers my questions very quickly and thoroughly.  I have 100% trust and confidence in everything she says and appreciate being able to put our trip plans in her hands.
-Melissa R

Everything was super easy; our agent handled all the planning; all we did was show up and enjoy it! We had an amazing time and can’t wait to book another trip!  I will definitely be recommending her for anyone else that wants to book a trip!! We will definitely be talking to her about another upcoming trip in the near future!
-Kristy P

Our travel counselor is always available to answer any questions or concerns. She works with her clients to make sure they have a dream vacation and customizes the vacation to the needs of the client, its not always about the sale…it’s what fits the family.
-Juanita R

This was our first trip to WDW with our kids (9 and 7), and our counselor was awesome at making the planning feel manageable and not so overwhelming. She had tons of insightful tips and advice for making the trip go smoothly. I felt that she cared about us having a fun trip as much as we did – like we were a planning team. All of that work planning paid off because once we were at WDW, it was one of the most enjoyable and relaxing vacations we’ve taken as a family. And even when we were at WDW, she was available to answer our questions and help us out. We had a wonderful time working with her and an amazing vacation, and we are looking forward to planning our next Disney vacation.
-Melinda C

Everything was pleasant.  We got updated info leading up to our cruise and then received a package with our boarding passes, luggage tags, and a laundry bag about two weeks before the trip.   Our travel planners were great, and it was wonderful to use them and took so much stress out of the trip planning process.
-Chris S

Our agent is always ready to help when I have a million questions or need assistance with something. I always recommend her to friends and family.   I used to use another company for my cruise vacations, but now I only use The Magic For Less, and she is always my go-to agent.  I love your agency.
-Andrea McK

Despite being fairly knowledgeable in Disney planning myself, our Magic for Less counselor has proven to be extremely helpful while planning our vacation. It’s why I recommended her to my mom when she brought up a slightly last minute trip and why we’ve used her for the second year in a row.
-Kandyce H

Our agent helped create a magical experience within our budget by helping prepare, modify, and secure all of our experiences at Disney!  Our trip to and from the airport was extremely smooth, as were all of our dinners she reserved and our fast pass times.  Our room at the resort was close to the dining spots, thanks to her! She even was available to answer questions via text while we were there!  Her extra care made the experience memorable.
-Cory and Lacie D

Hassle-free planning & a great Disneyland Paris stay resulting from it.
-David M

Our counselor was amazing the entire way, from getting a quote to coming home!! Her response time with emails was phenomenal. She answered every question I had and, trust me; I had plenty of them!! I am so thankful for her guidance and support along the way!  Thank you for being the backbone of our amazing family vacation!!
-Rebecca A

Our Magic for Less Agent provided all the information we needed either through emails or phone calls calls.   She sent out weekly emails with reminders about when payment was due, papers that needed to be filled out, check-in process, packing lists, and do’s and don’ts.   Her information was extremely thorough.  If I needed to call her, she was always available.   My next family cruise will be booked through her.  I am so very happy with your service.  And look forward to using it again.   She also went over and beyond to get one of my suitcases in the Orlando airport from the Disney Settlement area because I had the Disney tags on them.  I did not realize I was supposed to put them on after they arrived in Orlando.  It took a short time to get it back to Southwest Services office, and I was relieved to get it back that evening,   Thank you, you are the best.

-Diane F

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