Build a Droid at Droid Depot in Galaxy’s Edge!

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Droid Depot
Build an R-series or BB-series Unit at Droid Depot!

Galaxy’s Edge in both Disneyland in California and Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida offer guests the opportunity to build a droid at the Droid Depot.  This R-series unit was built in Disneyland’s Droid Depot.  Since this is a new experience, be sure to make your reservation at 14 days out.

Upon checking in, you will select your droid series (R or BB) and pay for your droid.  Next, you will be given a basket with photos of the parts you need to select to customize your unit.

Droid Depot
The parts list in your basket tells you what to select.

Using this parts list as a guide, you will select the parts from many color options as they move along the conveyor belt in front of you.  I opted for a patriotic look of red, white, and blue!

Droid Depot

After you select your parts, you are directed to the next available assembly station.  Here you will follow the instructions on the parts list to assemble your droid.  Fortunately, a screwdriver was available to attach the side legs to the body.  This was the really fun part!

Finally, the shop guides help you activate your droid.  This programs the parts to the remote control.  A light turns on for each section programmed.

Droid Depot
Activate your droid to work with a remote control

Next is the best part, bring your droid to life!!  The remote control allows you to move forward and backward and circle to the right or to the left.  You can spin the head left and right.  And you can activate sounds and lights.  Once you’ve checked it all out, your new buddy will be packaged in a cool box to carry it away.  Don’t forget to turn the on/off switches on both the unit and remote control to off before you leave; otherwise your droid may become cranky and start moving around while you are walking around the parks.

If you were wondering, I put my guy in a locker while I enjoyed the rest of my day in the parks.  And, I fit the droid in my carry-on luggage, out of the box with the box folded, for the flight home.

Are your ready to build your own droid?  Contact me through Facebook or The Magic For Less Travel to obtain a free quote for your next adventure to Galaxy’s Edge!

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