Christmas Trees of Disneyland’s Cars Land

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Visiting Disneyland at Christmas is always a treat.  There are great decorations, parades, smells and goodies.  And the residents of Cars Land at Disney California Adventure get into the spirit of decorating as well.

Seasons Speedings
Walking down the main street of Radiator Springs is like walking into the movie.  A story is even told that on opening day of this land, a child asked his mom “is this where they filmed the movie”.  But at Christmas Time you get to see how all the residents of Radiator Springs Decorate for the season.  There are garlands and decorations all around the land. But today I am going to share the Trees decorated by each resident of Radiator Springs.

First up is Mater’s Tree. Stacks of old tires covered in snow, garland, ornaments and garland.

Mater's Tree

Next up is Fillmore’s Tree.  It is a recycled metal tree adorned with peace symbols

FIllmore's Tree

The next tree you will find as you walk down the street is Sarge’s Tree.  In true Sarge fashion, the tree has a huge star on top that is the hood of an old Army Jeep and red, white and blue ornaments.

Sarge's Tree

Next up is the tree in front of the Cozy Cone where Sally has built her tree out of what else but traffic cones.  A large battery on the lawn and jumper cables provide the power to light the tree.

Cozy Cone Tree

Then you come to the Tree in front of the Curio Shop.  Lizzie has decorated her tree with road signs for Route 66.

Curio Shop Tree

Next is the tree in front of Flo’s V-8 Cafe.  Oil cans make up this tree decorated in pink, blue and turquoise ornaments and silver garland.

Flo's Tree

Luigi has added lights to the Leaning Tower of Tires that is always on display in front of his tire shop.

Luigi's Tree

Finally the tree in front of the City Hall decorated with hub caps and poinsettia’s in tires around the base of the tree.

City Hall Tree

Boy, the residents of Radiator Springs really get into the spirit of Christmas.  If you would like to visit Disneyland at Christmas or any other time during the year, please contact me or The Magic for Less Travel to help with your planning.

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