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If I had any questions she would answer them immediately. I work 2 jobs and sometimes my questions would be in off hours. She always answered quickly, and one time she changed my package to get me free dining, before I found out about it. She is great and very knowledgeable.

-Rita H

I have been to Disney World before but booked directly through Disney.    Our TMFLT agent got us so much more and gave me information I would not get going through Disney direct.     I only wish I could book my other holidays around the world with her as I struggle to find a good travel agent in Australia

-Delsey L

*Editor’s note, while our agents do book travel other than Disney, as Delsey is located in another country, there are restrictions that make this if not impossible, very complicated.

Our Magic for Less agent has been absolutely amazing, he has dealt with queries swiftly, assisted with questions, additional bookings, alterations etc.    I would never had such a seamless booking experience without having him / Magic for less – thank you so much for your continued assistance and dealing with some of my more crazy questions.  Booking for a family with 9 members of various ages meant I had many taste levels to contend with, he has helped me cover everybody – huge thanks!!!


The travel tips were valuable and I wouldn’t have had them otherwise.  Using the service greatly reduced the amount of time I would have had to spend on line and on the phone to plan my vacation.

-Rose C

Our Magic for Less counselor was able to answer so many of our questions and relieve our anxiety. She was a wonderful asset to our vacation and it provided us a level of security knowing if something did not go as planned that she was there as a resource.

-Rita L

It made my vacation experience hassle and stress free (having an agent).   I had a wonderful experience with our agent! She really worked with our budget and maximized our 8 days in Disney. We used magic bands for the first time and the Disney app was super helpful as well. I’ll never book another Disney vacation without The Magic For Less!

-Trista St. J

We have been using our counselor since 2011,  she has been and still is the greatest consultant I have ever worked with.  she is ready to answer all my questions and has planned with this up coming family vacation 5 trips for us and they have been amazing,  I have recommended her to several family members that have used her and love her just as much as we do.  Keep up the great customer service you have. we will definitely book thru you  in the future. 

-Rose R

This is our 4th trip using our counselor and every time she has tips, tricks and hints for us that make our vacation even more magical. This was our first time staying at the Yacht Club and she made sure we weren’t sharing a balcony with other guests. Wouldn’t have known that on our own. She also answered a ton of questions we had about the MNSSHP.

-Danielle K

Our TMFLT agent provides exceptional service and in depth knowledge that has been proven invaluable with each vacation she helps plan for us ! This is why we will continue to ask her to help us plan our vacations.    She is a valuable asset and should be richly commended for of her efforts 

-John D

Our agent was the best agent I ever used in any vacation.   Her concern for detail was extraordinary.  We had to cancel our first trip due to me getting cancer.   After my hospital time she re- planned the entire trip a second time and got us everything we had hoped for a second time.  Some of the items were not easy to get.  She answered every question I had swiftly and let us know about so many things I did not know about and enjoyed thoroughly.   She did so many of the little extra’s I had not even dreamed about that made our trip incredible.  I plan to go again to Disney in a few years and will call her directly as I can not thing of anyone else that can do her job  as well as she does. She is a true asset to your company. If bonuses are given by your company this woman deserves two of them.  I thank her and your company for a job done better than I had dreamed. 

-Thomas F

Our agent is extremely helpful! Even though we have traveled to Disney World many times, things change and we continually have a need to ask questions and get some advice.   She is always available. We appreciate her reminders for things like restaurant reservations and fast passes. We also like the fact that she watches the Disney promotions– she was able to reduce our costs last year because of a promotion that came out after we had made out reservations.

-Judy V

Our agent is enthusiastic and knows EVERYTHING! No matter what my question he could answer it!He responds quickly and has so many good ideas!  The podcast is amazeballs! Our little kids look forward to it every week when they come out and we all love. Listening together! We love the way you 3 interact and just soooo much great info! Our agent has been super helpful in planning our vacation ! He is awesome!

-Kelly H

Editors note: this guest is referring to the podcast Be Our Guest which is sponsored by The Magic for Less Travel


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