Disney Specialty Cakes

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When a celebration comes to mind, I can’t help of thinking about a nice cake as the centerpiece of the event.  Did you know that you can order a specialty cake for your next celebration at the Disneyland or Walt Disney World Resort to ring in your celebration?

Custom cakes must be ordered at least 48 hours in advance by simply calling the cake hotline for your specific destination.  You’ll be connected to a Cast Member who will help you dream up a designer Disney cake beyond your wildest imagination!

You’ll first want to determine the size of your cake and the flavors.  I might suggest a cake serving twice the number of people in your party so that you can store it in your room refrigerator and enjoy it for more than one day.  Most resorts offer basic flavors such as chocolate or vanilla, but the red velvet craze has hit Disney and is now a very popular choice.  You also are able to select a variety of flavored fillings (creams and mousses).

And then the fun begins – designing the look of your cake!  Your cake can be themed to your favorite Disney character or even attraction!  With fondant and confectionary embellishments and accents your Disney cake comes to life and the results are often so incredible that you hate to cut the cake!

Cakes are delivered to your room on a draped cart through room service and come complete with cutlery, linen napkins and of course candles for birthdays!

Typically cakes are priced ala carte with a basic cake costing around $30-$40 and fondants and embellishments adding a fair amount which typically double the cost of the cake.   Adding in a service fee for the delivery and set up make this a fairly pricey celebration, but one that makes for a great and delicious memory!

Your TMFLT agent can assist you with ordering! Contact us at www.themagicforless.com.

And for more ideas on celebrating any special event check out The Mouse For Less at www.themouseforless.com


Donald celebrates a 50th birthday!

Olaf 2

A “Frozen” cake with Olaf!

IMG_0864 (1) 2

A Grim Grinning Ghost birthday cake!

Wall E 2

Wall-E celebrates a child’s birthday


A traditinoal Mickey cake!

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