If you don’t like holding on the phone, we will do that for you!

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Didn’t have to deal with Disney directly

-Debby W

It made the whole trip streamlined.  Helped eliminate the stress of travel.

-Mark A 

She is amazing. Answered all my questions right away. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!!!

-Tara McK

I love having one person to contact for all my planning instead of whomever may answer the phone at Disney customer service. Our agent is amazing.

-Kimberly S

I wasn’t sure how military discounts worked for the Disney hotels, but she was on it and got us an upgraded room at a great discount.


When we couldn’t find the right cabins for our Disney cruise, Ric found a great pair of cabins in a place we hadn’t even thought about looking.

-Meg M

There is so much to think about when going to Disney.  our agent was able to simplify the details and set us up for a wonderful vacation, worry free.  We didn’t have to stress over missing something while there.

-Kim M

It saved us a lot of money on the room rate and overall package. She also helped us coordinate a lot of the aspects that still aren’t easy to book online, including Magical Express. We also went with another party so she was helpful in answering questions related to multiple reservations and how those interact with things like photopass, fastpass, dinner reservations, etc.

-Lyndsey B

Our Magic for Less counselor is so unbelievable.  We had a change in dates and she was able to keep the room we wanted and the majority of our reservations.  She always goes beyond and helps us by providing us great service and she has a lot of general information.  She never fails to get back to me with questions.  Believe me, I had a lot.  She provided good advice and great information.  I don’t think our vacation could have been so wonderful without her expertise help and guidance.  She is #1 on my list.  I would tell other people to contact her.  She is a gem. 

-Jan B

Our agent took care of everything and made sure we were ready for our magical trip.  Service was exceptional.  We have used her for all our Disney vacations and have always recommended her and the company to our family and friends.

-Jen B

She was invaluable in telling me about the DAS for my daughter and husband.  She also assisted in finding a room, dining reservations, fast passes.  I could not have done it without the DAS.  We were able to stay at the park because of that.  I thank God for our travel counselor.  She answered every question and offered to research to find answers I needed. I was traveling with my husband who is recovering from open heart surgery and a daughter with Autism.  She told me about the DAS which was wonderful.  She was able to ride many more rides because she didn’t have to experience the drama of long lines with people every where.  We found quiet places to wait for our turn and it was wonderful.  Our counselor made so many wonderful suggestions.  I dare say we doubled or tripled our time in the parks because of the DAS system.  I realized that my husband was not as prepared for the walking as I thought he was.  Without the DAS I doubt that he would have made it past an hour per day.

-Kristy and Don R

Our agent has been our travel agent for many years. I love that all I have to do is tell him what I want and he takes care of it all !! If I have a 100 questions he answers them. I appreciate that !

-Tonya C

Our Magic for Less counselor made everything perfect. She knows her stuff! She gave us all the information and tips anyone could possibly need.  She made our cruise to Hawaii perfect. She’s always available and gets back to you with answers.

-Norma A

I was planning a trip for myself and 7 family members to WDW, and our agent made it so easy! If I asked about a certain restaurant or attraction, he would go ahead and book a priority seating or Fastpass+ then tell me about it. After that, we would have the ability to enjoy the restaurant or attraction or cancel. He also helped us out of a rough spot with our car rental. I feel like he helped me prepare so that once I was in Florida, I could relax and enjoy the trip with the rest of my family.

-Angi H

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