Getting ready for the D23 Expo

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Hi, everyone! I’m Kate, one of the co-editors for TMFL’s Magically Speaking newsletter.

I’m currently supposed to be finishing up my packing for the Expo, but of course I’ve been doing everything BUT packing. I love going on trips, but the getting-ready-to-go part seems to require that I stay up ridiculously late the night before I go anywhere.

At least I’m not alone in last-minute organizing, however. Here’s some of the latest press release:

Crews Working Around the Clock to Get Ready
For the Four-Day, First-Ever
D23 EXPO, Sept. 10-13

ANAHEIM, Calif. – September 9, 2009 – In Hollywood, it’s “lights, camera, action,” but for crews preparing the first-ever D23 EXPO, the getting-ready checklist goes much deeper, and with just one day before the Anaheim Convention Center opens the doors to the first Expo guests, the “action” part of the classic equation is definitely underway.

Crews are working around the clock on more than 500,000 square feet of Disney excitement, creating a bevy of unique experiences that will greet D23 EXPO guests. Among their tasks:

  • Rolling in the actual Volkswagen Beetle that “played” the role of Herbie in The Love Bug and uncasing the costume worn by Michael Jackson as “Captain EO,” which are part of the 100-piece Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives
  • Creating a “magic beach,” a dazzling, brand-new effect developed by Walt Disney Imagineering that will be seen at the D23 EXPO
  • Reviewing digital “prints” of such classic Disney movies as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Tron, Sleeping Beauty and the 3-D versions of Toy Story and Toy Story 2, all of which will be screened for audiences during the four days of the D23 EXPO
  • Setting the stage for special announcements about the future of Disney theme parks

500,000 square feet of Disney stuff? I better pack another pair of shoes.

Other than looking forward to being done with packing, I’m excited to check out the Expo, see if I can spy some Disney Legends, and visit our own TMFL/Magically Speaking booth! And I’m thrilled to meet all of the awesome people who work on our newsletter in person. If you’re at the Expo, please stop by and see us–we’d love to meet you too.

See you real soon!

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