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My family wishes to express our sincere gratitude toward you for your expertise and patience with regard to planning our Jasksonville/Orlando vacation. We experienced a few bumps in the road upon our arrival to Disney which with your help, where smoothed out. The most difficult time for us was the planning stages which required multiple family members to coordinate their schedules and plans, a task not easily done in this family.

Your availability, skill and knowledge with regard to booking flights and rental cars for us and then your unending patience as we altered these plans (several times I might add) was remarkable. We appreciate that you worked hard to find us the best savings and the successful trip was largely in part to you. We look forward to making our travel plans with you in the future.

I would ask that you keep us posted on deals that you come across in the future. We could like to return to Disney next year for a shorter stay and perhaps take a trip to Hawaii prior to that. Of course for a good deal, we would certainly be open to a cruise or trip elsewhere, now that we have that “travel bug” :).         Thanks again for your professionalism and support during our trip,

Christine C and Joan S

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