Guest Feedback – April 14, 2014

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Our counselor from the very beginning helped us with everything.  Told her we wanted to go to food and wine festival (our first time).  She gave us tips on what to see early in the day and then later in the day.  She also recommended the Halloween party and we went and absolutely loved.  From the very first moment she worked for us.  We did not want to spend a lot on hotel so when she found a deal she called us directly and then booked for us She was wonderful and I will definitely book with her again.  Also to just get some more planning tips.

-Norine C

Our agent was absolutely outstanding in every way.  Being in Australia with the time difference her responses were almost immediate.  Every little request we had was taken care of, cars, cruise, hotels, dinners, tickets…all of the meticulous made everything run so smoothly.  We took all of her advice and I have given her details to so many people because she was so fantastic.  I honestly believe that it all contributed to “the Magic”.  I miss the planning. Thank you so so much.  We will definitely contact her in the future when we travel again.

-Maryanne V

I love using my TMFLT counselor!! Before I discovered her, I would spent hours agonizing over plans, watching for discounts. Now I trust her to handle everything. I have recommended her to several friends.

-Rhonda F

Just amazing!!! Our agent is the best. She always does a great job helping us with vacation.

-Tera S

I already knew what I wanted but but our TMFLT counselor promptly fixed everything for me, even when guests changed and reservation numbers changed, he did it without a fuss.

-Amanda Mc

saved me the trouble of having to research

-Jackie W

It was nice to talk to someone that truly experienced Disney! Last year when we went, I booked everything on my own, it was nice to have someone do some of the work for me 🙂  Attending the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party was well worth the price of admission! Even though we melted in our costumes (because of the heat) it was a fun experience!

-June Y

Our TMFLT counselor gave us the feeling that everything was covered to help make our cruise perfect, which in the end, it was.  If we had any questions at all prior to taking the cruise, she was able to answer us in a very timely manor.  She stayed in touch via e-mail, and made sure we had “all our ducks in a row”.   TMFL has given us a great peace of mind when we plan a cruise.  We will always use them  for all future cruises!

-Todd M

My agent was super responsive no matter how many times (and it was a lot) I asked questions, made changes, etc.  she was awesome and I have happily recommended her to friends and family.   She is a superstar when it comes to Disney knowledge –     Thank you!

-Greta S

She made everything as easy as possible for us! Our counselor is GREAT!

-Amanda R

Our TMFLT agent is great!  Most recently she saved me over $600 on two upcoming trips by watching for Annual Pass room only discounts.  I know I don’t have to worry about missing any available discounts. She also provides valuable tips and information.

-Nan R


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