Disney’s Transportation System Improvements

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We were skeptical about solely relying on the Walt Disney transportation for our first visit in 1993.  We live in Texas, land of the wide open spaces and in our home town we do not have an extensive public transportation system.  So, the idea of using a form of public transportation as the only means of getting around was a bit daunting to us. Would it be efficient?  Would it be easy to figure out?  Are the buses crowded?  Would it be convenient?

It did not take long for Disney’s efficient, clean and convenient transportation system to win us over and gain our confidence.  We’ve exclusively used the Walt Disney World transportation while staying on property ever since and it’s never let us down!  21 years, 9 resorts and one new theme later, Disney’s ability to move people efficient and effectively has just gotten better and better. Therefore, we were not surprised to see new technology and new buses during our visit this past December!

Villas at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge - Kidani Village
The new clocks at Kidani Village hang on the walls at the bus load zones.

We were guests of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Kidani Village.  After check-in, we headed straight out to the bus stop for a park visit and were very surprised by what we saw: TV monitors mounted that displayed arrival times for the buses!

The buses came and went according to the posted projections and on one of the last days of our stay, we saw a cast member with a clip board taking notes, so we took the chance to ask about this new system.  He informed us that currently, this new system is being tested at two resorts and they hope to see it implemented resort wide in a couple of years if not sooner.  Brilliant – really brilliant!

New Technology in Testing Phase!

We also saw the new double buses in action!  This past December, Disney rolled out brand new articulated buses.  Evidence of their arrival began to surface when Disney announced the expansion of the bus loading zone at the Magic Kingdom. The buses are a bit crazy to see driving on the road.  They are more than twice the length of a regular bus and have an accordion like section that connects the two sections. They can hold up to 130 people, strollers and are able to load wheelchairs and scooters.  The new buses will serve the Value Resorts and will go a long way in improving on an already great transportation system!

Articulated buses in action!

It’s no wonder we continue to confidently rely on Disney to move us around The World and will continue to do so for all of our future visits!

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