Guest Feedback – July 25, 2013

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Our agent was always able to answer any of my questions, helped me book dining reservations, and provided me with loads of information before my trip. I have used her and The Magic for Less Travel in the past, and will definitely request her again in the future.

-Tammy G

My agent was extremely helpful and knowledgeable.  I was so happy to have her help plan our trip and answer so many questions.  We had a great time and will definitely recommend her to others.  Keep up the great work!! Thanks for all of your help!

-Ronda H

My TMFLT Counselor made all of our dinner reservations and made suggestions on where we should go considering the ages of our children.

-Aaron Mc

Great service, made our trip planning so much easier.  I will always use this service to plan our Disney trips.

-Katy S

She was great answering the simplest as well as complicated questions! She gave me many different quotes until I was ready to book! Tina did a great job, thanks!


Our agent was very helpful and offered good suggestions for accommodations and other activities.

-Amber K

Our counselor is always able to give helpful advice and offer suggestions for new experiences. This year we had a family member get sick at the last minute and have to change our reservations a bit, she handled everything quickly. We had no problems with our vacation because of the change.  Our counselor is absolutely wonderful. When I think Disney I think of her. If anyone starts talking about Disney I always tell them about her and how easy she makes the planning.




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