Minnie Van Service at Walt Disney World

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Want to try a fun and whimsical way to get around?  Try the Minnie Van Service at Walt Disney World!

Sit back and enjoy a fun & whimsical ride!

Minnie Vans are a personal ride service that you secure through the Lyft app!  You’ll start by adding the Lyft app to your mobile device. Then create an account with Lyft.   Finally, be sure to link a form of payment to your account. If you have an existing Lyft account, simply use your existing login.

Download the official Lyft app prior to your vacation!

How the Minnie Van Service at Walt Disney World Works

  1. Open Your Lyft app. It will ask you to verify your pick-up location. Your app should auto-populate to the location you’re at when the app was opened!
  2. Tap ‘Minnie Van’. Hint, if you don’t see the Minnie Van option right away, you may need to scroll through the vehicle type options to find it.
    Also, accessible Minnie Van Service is available as well!  If your travel party requires an accessible vehicle, choose the option Access. Minnie Van.
  3. You should see the cost of your Minnie Van Service  after setting your drop-off location. Then you accept the total.  It  will be charge  the form of payment you have linked to your Lyft account at the conclusion of your ride!
  4. You’ll be given an arrival time and you can track your Minnie Van through the app.
  5. Finally, if you’d like to tip your driver; you can do so at the end of the ride or leave a tip in cash!

Need car seats?  No worries!

Minnie Vans can provide up to 2 complimentary car seats if needed for little travelers 6 & younger.

Cancellation Fees?

The standard Lyft cancellation and no-show fees may apply.  Minnie Vans operates daily between 6:30 AM – 12:30 PM.

When would you need a Minnie Van?

Glad you asked!  A great time to take a Minnie Van is when you need to travel from resort to resort, like for a dining reservation.  This saves you time and the drop off at the front of the resort is very convenient!

Minnie Van Drivers are the best!
We were cutting it short on time for a dinner reservation! Minnie Van Service Driver to the rescue!

What about when you’re running a little behind to get to where you need to be?

That’s another great time for a Minnie Van.  For us, Minnie Vans have saved the day when we were in a hurry to get to our next spot for fun and adventure!

What’s a great way to start your park day? Taking a sylish ride to the parks via the Minnie Van Service!

You’re trying to squeeze in every single last second of fun!

Stay and play in the parks just a wee bit longer.  Then use the Lyft app to get a Minnie Van back to your resort for that final ride back to the airport!  On our departure day, we have gotten back to our resort just in the nick of time, thanks to the Minnie Van Service!

There are loads of different reasons why taking a Minnie Van can make sense for you & your family.  Keep in mind, the Minnie Van Service is not included in your Walt Disney World reservation package.  It will be an added cost and only available to book through the Lyft app!  Do you have more questions?  Just ask your The Magic For Less Travel counselor!  We are always happy to help!

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