What to Know When You Have a Stroller at Walt Disney World

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If you have children, you are likely going to want to use a stroller at Walt Disney World. Due to the size of Walt Disney World and the amount of walking in a day, you may even want to consider a stroller for older children who normally don’t use one. Navigating the parks with young children, especially in a stroller, can present its own set of challenges. From maneuvering through crowds to finding convenient parking spots, there are several things to consider to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for both you and your little ones.

Below I’ll give you everything you know about strollers at Walt Disney World!

WDW Strollers

Should you rent a stroller or bring your own? 

If you bring your own stroller,  you’ll have a stroller that you are familiar with and know how to operate.  I recommend one that is lightweight, maneuverable and collapsible for easy storage on transportation. Additionally, consider a stroller with ample storage space for snacks, drinks, and other essentials to keep your family comfortable throughout the day. You can also use your own stroller while traveling to Orlando. If you use gate-check at the airport, you can check it for free as you board the plane. Do keep in mind that sometimes it can be complicated to navigate a stroller, 4 suitcases and only 2 parents!

Stroller Size: Strollers must be 31 inches wide and 52 inches long or smaller. Wagons, including stroller wagons, are not permitted in the parks.

There are 2 options for stroller rental at Walt Disney World. You can rent a stroller for the day in the theme parks. Your other option is rental from a 3rd party. The Walt Disney World strollers aren’t as luxurious and have a plastic base. The 3rd parties have some fancy strollers, so make sure you know how to open and close it before you load it up! Some 3rd party rental agencies may require you to meet them at your resort.

Renting Strollers in the Parks

Stroller Rental Walt Disney World

Stroller rentals can be purchased in two options. Option 1 is a daily rental which is $15 for a single stroller and $31 for a double stroller. Option 2 is a prepaid multi-day rental  which is $13 for a single stroller and $27 for a double stroller.  Prices are subject to change at any time.  Rental locations are near the entrances of each of the four Walt Disney World theme parks and at Disney Springs:

  • Magic Kingdom – near the main entrance under the train station.
  • EPCOT – near the main entrance near Spaceship Earth and at the International Gateway entrance.
  • Hollywood Studios –  at Oscar’s Super Service inside the main entrance.
  • Animal Kingdom – at Garden Gate Gifts at the park entrance.
  • Disney Springs – at Sundries near Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill.

Also, if you plan to park-hop between multiple Disney parks in a single day, you can conveniently transfer your rental stroller from one park to another. Just keep your rental receipt and present it at the stroller rental location in the different park to receive a stroller for the remainder of the day in that park.

At the end of the day return your rental stroller to the designated drop-off location near the park entrance. There’s no need to fold up the stroller or worry about transporting it back to your resort. Once returned, you can continue your Disney experience without the hassle of managing a stroller outside of the parks.

Disney rental strollers

Renting Strollers from a Third Party

There are several reputable vendors like Kingdom Strollers and Scooterbug that offer a wide selection of strollers, including single, double, and even specialized options. Your Magic For Less Travel Agent can help you reserve these strollers and provide details about the pick up and drop off process.

Things to Know About Having a Stroller in the Parks 

Stroller Parking

Walt Disney World provides designated stroller parking areas near attractions, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Use of these designated areas to avoid cluttering walkways and entrances and safely store your stroller while enjoying the park.

You cannot take strollers in most queues

For most attractions your child will need to stand in line. They cannot ride in the stroller until the attraction loading point and you will need to put the stroller in Stroller Parking.

Identify your stroller

As expected, there are a lot of strollers at Walt Disney World and you will park them in a general stroller parking area. It is a good idea to have some identifying item on your stroller to make it easily identifiable. We often used ribbons on the handle and some guests use a balloon. You can find a customizable tag here.

Your stroller will be moved

When you park in the general stroller parking area Cast Members will rearrange the strollers to optimize the square footage. Where you left it will likely not be the spot where you will find it!

Bring a rain cover for your stroller

If you don’t have a cover for your stroller consider bringing a poncho just for the stroller to keep it dry in a rainstorm.


Walt Disney World can get crowded, especially during peak times such as parades, fireworks or shows. Maneuvering a stroller through crowds can be challenging, so be sure to exercise patience.

You will need to fold your stroller for bus transportation

You’ll want to make sure that you unload your stroller, remove your child (who could be sleeping!) and fold it before you get on the Walt Disney World bus transportation.

Use your stroller like a Sherpa

Load up your stroller with all of the items you will need for the day. Consider a change of clothes, sunscreen, water bottles, snacks and items to keep your child busy.

WDW Sherpa Stroller

We used a stroller for many years on Walt Disney World vacations. Often we would park the stroller and just use it to cross the parks. This saved a lot of miles on younger children’s feet! It was also especially helpful at the end of the night when the kids didn’t want to walk anymore! Now that my kids are grown and don’t fit into a stroller anymore I do miss having a stroller to hold snacks, extra layers and everything else we now have to carry on our backs throughout the parks! Do you want more tips and guidance for your Walt Disney World vacation? Contact me for a no-obligation quote!

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