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I had no idea where to even begin with planning my Disney vacation. My counselor helped me every step of the way. She was able to answer every question and even helped while we were on our vacation and my toddler was sick. I don’t know what I would have done without her.
-Brittany G


Everything was planned out to the last detail so we knew what to expect and what the complete fees and charges would be. I also appreciate the prompt and detailed response from our agent every time I contacted her  She helped make the trip a success.
-Debra K


Our Magic for Less agent was wonderful! It was great to know that I had someone to contact with any questions. Just knowing that made the vacation that more relaxing! What enhancement is better than that?
-Melissa H


My travel consultant made planning our vacation fun, fast and easy.  I could not have planned this vacation on my own and my consultant was beyond knowledge and helped to guide me every step of the way!   My service was outstanding!!  She far exceeded my expectations!!
-Megan P


Our travel counselor made it so we had less stress, made our family vacation fun, able to utilize fast passes for our favorite rides and attractions! We were able to try a new resort for a great price! We ate at our favorite places with the dining plan – she was able to set this all up for us without us having to worry about it! She truly cares about us having a good time and is available for tips, advice, suggestions as needed! She’s able to respond quickly and effectively!
-Heidi J


I’m a veteran Disney vacationer and still with the knowledge and experience of past vacations, I don’t come close to my Magic for Less counselor’s expert knowledge. She enhances our trip every single time with little tidbits of what to do, not do, etc. Highly recommend her!
-Corrine S


Our counselor was amazing! We booked our previous 3 cruises on our own and was told that she was a Disney travel agent and could do all the planning for us.  It was a no brainer that we would use her services.  She was amazing in getting us the room we wanted, informing us about excursions and onboard photo packages.  We ended up doing all of her recommendations.  We will definitely be using “The magic for Less” and her again for all our Disney trips.
-Mariefe C


This will be our second trip planned by our agent and our first trip was absolutely amazing thanks to her. She did a wonderful job of learning our travel style (laid back, unscheduled) and helped us find resorts that fit that style. She shares so much helpful information to help us make the most of our time at Disney. We love working with her!  I have always been wary of using a travel agent, worried about hidden or unnecessary fees or that we are getting the best deal. After working with her, we will never book a trip on our own again. Our trip planned by her was truly magical.
-Sarah H


We didn’t have to plan out everything ourselves when we aren’t as knowledgeable about the Disney Vacation process.   Also, it was great to have someone there to check discounts, make sure we were on top of our Fast Pass booking, and just to have someone to ask questions to that knew what was going on. It was great to use y’all!
-Lauren McC

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