Top 5 Things to Do at Animal Kingdom Lodge!

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Staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge is almost like a vacation inside of a vacation! This resort has so much to offer guests but is located just far enough from the parks that it can feel like you are on a completely separate vacation when staying here.  The stunning lobby will capture your attention from the moment you enter.  If that isn’t enough, just glance out the large windows facing the savanna and you’ll see the beauty the true beauty of this amazing resort! It is truly one of the most relaxing resorts on property.

Let’s jump right into my top five must do things when staying  at Animal Kingdom Lodge!

Check out the Pools and Splash Pads

With a zero-entry pool at both Jambo House and Kidani Village, your family has a lot of fun to look forward to! Kidani Village is the DVC side of the resort, but guests staying at either Jambo House or Kidani Village are welcome to use the pools at each resort.  The Uzima Springs Pool at Jambo House is surrounded by the Uzima Savannah. With a 67-foot slide, this 11,000 square foot oasis will offer a lot of space to relax and play for the entire family.

Not to be outdone though, you can also visit Samawati Springs at Kidani Village.  This resort boasts a 128-foot waterslide! That’s not all though because even the younger members of your travel party are going to find a lot of fun here as they explore Uwanja Camp!  Uwanja Camp offers a water playground complete with bubbling geysers and water cannons. There is a lot of fun in this incredible splash area.

Participate in Resort Activities

Each resort will have activities for the day posted around the resort. You can often find these in the lobby, but Animal Kingdom Lodge will also post these near the pool areas.  Pool parties and games are offered at both Jambo House and Kidani Village.  These family friendly events are great for all ages. Head over to the Arusha Lookout in the evening for a campfire and marshmallow roasting.  Movies under the Stars are also a great way to wind down at the end of an eventful day. You can catch some favorite films at the resort after dark.

There are special learning and educational activities available throughout the week too. You can participate and learn more about the animals, conservation efforts, and the regions of the world represented at Animal Kingdom Lodge. These activities will vary so make sure you watch the event schedule.

From the displays in the lobby to the decor throughout the resort, there are a lot of opportunities to learn about the art and history of Africa. There are also art activities at the resort throughout the week that you may want to participate in. Some of these will have a fee so check with cast members for the sign up or schedule.

Wild About Painting is a special class offered each week on Wednesday afternoons and held at Jiko-The Cooking Place. Advanced reservations are recommended for this class which is also recommended for guests ages 12 and up. It is a great way to show your appreciation for the beauty surrounding you at Animal Kingdom Lodge. Plus you will have an incredible keepsake from your stay showcasing your very own artistic talents!

Zebra Domes & Dining Options

There are some delicious dining options at Animal Kingdom Lodge. Jiko, The Cooking Place is a signature dining restaurant that blends African, Mediterranean, and Indian flavors into the cuisine of it’s menus. With two woodburning stoves and a view over the savanna, this incredible restaurant is a dining experience all on its own.

Boma and Sanaa are two additional table service restaurants at Animal Kingdom Lodge and they each have their own unique style.  Boma offers buffet style dining themed for an African marketplace for both breakfast and dinner with very different menus. Sanaa offers table service dining for both lunch and dinner which features African cooking with Indian flavors.

One of the special treats that you can only find at Animal Kingdom Lodge though are zebra domes. Amarula Cream Liquor Mousse with white chocolate, dark chocolate and a thin layer of cake is the perfect combination for a bite size dessert. These specialty treats can be purchased at Animal Kingdom Lodge but are also served on the dessert buffet at Boma. The exclusive treat is one you won’t want to skip when staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge

Visit the Savanna

Whether you have a balcony facing the savanna, visit the many public balconies around the resort, or walk down to savanna look outs, you can’t stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge without seeing the animals! There is a flamingo pond near the pool area at Jambo House as well. It’s a fun spot to see the interactions of these birds up close.  From giraffes to okapis, you’ll love spotting the various animals on the savanna and learning more about them! It is truly the perfect resort for all animal lovers.

There are public balconies with rocking chairs off the lobby of the resorts where you can sit and enjoy the peacefulness of this resort. Or walk the path down to the savanna and get a closer view of many of  the animals.  Make sure you visit at different times of day because you will find different animals at different times and even on different days.

Talk with Animal & Cultural Representatives

Throughout Animal Kingdom Lodge there are cast members who are either animal or cultural representatives at the resort.

Cultural representatives are from different parts of the world represented in Animal Kingdom Lodge. They can share information about their country, the animals there, the history, people, and the culture. There are often activities in the lobby or around the resort where you can learn more about these regions of the world.

Animal representatives are some of the care takers who you can meet around the savanna and look outs. They can tell you more about the specific animals you see at the Lodge. Whether you want to know about a specific animal and their story or just general information, strike up a conversation with these representatives. They love answering questions and if you stump them, they’ll reach out to other cast members to try to get those answers!

These incredible interactions will not only teach you more about the animals we love to spot at Animal Kingdom Lodge but also allow you to become invested in the stories that make this resort so special.

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