Why choose an Adventures by Disney Vacation for your family

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Some of you may be looking at the title of this post and asking “Adventures by Disney, what is that?”  Some of you may have started to read it because you have heard about Adventures by Disney vacations, and some of you may be very familiar with this Disney Travel offering and are interested in an opinion about the trip.  I am going to try to provide information that will help people of all Adventures by Disney knowledge levels.

In 2005 Disney began offering a guided family vacation product called Adventures by Disney.  These vacations offered families a worry-free vacation with other families and were assisted by two concierge guides that Disney calls Adventure Guides.  These vacations are limited to about 30 people so you will have the opportunity to meet and spend time with other families.  Most of the adventures accommodate children age seven and above but some may have different age requirements.  Also, they offer adults-only adventures if you don’t want to be on a vacation with younger families.

In 2005 Adventures by Disney had two vacations.  That has now expanded to 25 vacations all over the world.  These week-long vacations do not include the famous Disney Characters but offer the amazing Disney service that they are known for.

From the minute you arrive in your destination, you are greeted by a Disney representative who will whisk you off to your hotel.  They assist with luggage and anything else you might need.  When you arrive at your hotel, you dont have to check in as that has already been done for you.  (On my last Adventures by Disney trip, we were greeted at the hotel with hot towels and tree tomato juice.)

From that point on, your Adventure is worry-free.  Disney has arranged for you to have experiences like no other.  You will get to visit famous places in your destination but also have the experience of doing and seeing things that you wouldn’t be able to do on your own or on any other guided vacation.  Things like flute making, crafts, cooking lessons, kite flying.

Your accommodations are top notch too.  Disney has searched for the best that each destination has to offer and continually makes sure that you are comfortable.  (One of the guests on our trip felt that their curtains were too sheer and mentioned it to the Adventure Guide in the morning.  When we returned that evening, new drapes were hung in the room.)

Some amazing experiences that Disney offers are the opportunity to visit and sleep in a castle.  Where else do you have this experience.  You also may find a famous historical figure during your adventure (like Ben Franklin while visiting Philadelphia).

What sets Adventures by Disney apart from other tour providers is what is called the Disney Difference.  And it shows.  We had a fellow traveler leave their purse and passport at the hotel as we were moving destinations and would need the passport in order to continue on.  The discovery was not made until we were an hour into our journey.  Miraculously, the passport and purse met us at the check point where it was needed.    Another experience was that we had the unfortunate event of having someone get sick during an Adventure.  The Adventure Guides were there to assist them in finding medicine and anything else that was needed.  How about an experience where a woman lost the diamond out of her wedding ring.  Imagine a bus of 30 people retracing their steps along cobblestone street and finding this diamond.  It is service like this that you don’t get anywhere else.

Then there are the little touches like bottled water and snacks available anytime you are on a motor-coach   A special surprise daily on your adventure plus others along the way.

These guided tours are all inclusive and are a great way for a worry free vacation to a destination in the US or abroad.

If you are interested in booking an Adventures by Disney Trip, contact your Magic for Less Travel Agent for assistance.


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