10 Things to Bring and Not Buy at Walt Disney World

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10 Things to Bring to Walt Disney World

We all know that going on vacation can get pricey.  But there is a way to save some money by bringing some things that you won’t want to pay top dollar for in the parks.  Here are 10 Things to Bring and Not Buy at Walt Disney World.


Kids 13 and under can wear costumes to a Disney park.  Party supply stores and online stores are good places to find costumes. Fall is a great time to purchase a costume and it is usually more inexpensive than buying an outfit in a Disney gift shop.

Ponchos or Umbrellas

To say it rains often in Central Florida is an understatement.  While the cast members put out the ponchos and umbrellas as soon as the rain comes, being prepared beforehand will save you money and is much more convenient.  Some prefer ponchos while others, like me, prefer umbrellas.  I have an umbrella that folds up small enough to fit in a small purse.  You can find single use ponchos at your local Dollar Tree or other discount stores.  Although they aren’t the same quality as the ones available at WDW, the convenience of being able to toss them when the rain stops makes up for that.  You’ll spend over $12 for an umbrella or a single adult poncho at Disney World.


If you don’t have to have a full, hot breakfast every day, you can save a ton of money by packing some breakfast items from home.   Granola bars, cereal bars & Pop Tarts are easy to pack options for breakfast.   You can also order groceries to be delivered to your hotel.

Refillable Water Bottle

Stay hydrated! You can ask for ice water at any quick service food location and fill your own water bottle.


One of my favorite tips is to make a “snack pack” for each of your children.  I brought single serve packages (premade or baggies of goodies that I put together) of special snacks. My kids each had several items in their fanny packs. I told them that they could have a snack whenever they wanted but it needed to last that day.  This reduced the “I’m hungry” complaints and they loved having something special that they don’t get often.  The hit was the mini Oreos and the tube of mini M&Ms.


Autograph Book

Small notebooks decorated with Disney stickers are a great project to keep your kids busy during your travel to Walt Disney World.  It is a fun way to plan out who they’d like to meet.

Personal Fan & Cooling Towel

Keeping cool will make your visit to Walt Disney World much more enjoyable during the warmer months.  Fans and cooling towels are more helpful than most realize.

Individual Drink Packets 

Not a fan of plain water?  Drink packets like lemonade, tea, fruit punch and sports drinks can help and they are a much cheaper option than getting a soda.

Fuel Rod Charger


Order a FuelRod charger from their website or Amazon at a reduced cost.  Swap your used charger for a freshly charged one at any FuelRod kiosk. There are FuelRod kiosk locations in other amusement parks also, including Universal Orlando, SeaWorld & Busch Gardens.


Just as with other personal care items, these things are cheaper at your local discount store than the gift shops.

Now that you’ve seen  the 10 Things to Bring and Not Buy at Walt Disney World, what are the important things that you bring to Walt Disney World?

Visiting Walt Disney World

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