What You Need For A Day In The Parks at Walt Disney World

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Tips for what you need for a day in the parks at Walt Disney World

What you need for a day in the parks at Walt Disney World
What will I need while I am in the parks?

What do I really need to take with me for a day in the parks?

One thing that can be stressful when planning a trip to Walt Disney World is deciding what you really need to take with you into the parks each day. This will vary depending on many factors. Do you prefer to have nothing to keep up with? Do you want to be fully prepared for anything? Are you visiting alone, with friends or with children? If you are visiting the parks with children, you will likely need to carry more items in the parks. Let’s talk about what items you might need regardless of ages and any special needs.

Items you need to put in your park bag

Park Tickets

For the true minimalist, you may be able to get by with just a phone. Your park ticket is an absolute must.  You can use your phone, a Magic Band, Apple watch, or a hard ticket(which also serves as a room key for resort guests).

Magic bands and tickets
You will need a ticket and payment option.  Magic Bands, Annual Passes and room key cards all serve as tickets. For guests staying at a Disney Resort, you can charge to your room, so they can also be used as a form of payment.

Forms of Payment

You need some form of payment, even if you plan on spending very little inside the parks. So, you may want to take either some cash or a credit card with you.  If you will be using a credit card or purchasing alcoholic beverages, you will need an ID.  With technology today, most places accept mobile payments, but not everywhere will.  Resort guests can charge to their room using their Magic Band or room key card.


Choosing a bag. Loungefly. What to pack i your bag for a day in the parks.
Loungeflys are a popular and stylish choice to carry what you need most. Many Disney themed options are available.

Most  are going to need at least a few items and a bag to carry them in is always helpful.  Choose a comfortable, lightweight bag.  A crossbody bag, backpack, fanny pack or belt bags are all great options.  Loungeflys are a smaller backpack that are very popular, and many Disney themed ones are sold throughout the parks. The best bag is the one that is most comfortable and convenient for you. You will want to keep the bag as light as possible.  Let’s look at some of the most likely items you will need or want to include.

What do I need in my park bag?

  1. Portable Phone Charger – Since we use our phones for so much, most people will need a portable phone charger. Your phone will likely be used to access The My Disney Experience App for Genie+  to view times, Lightning Lanes and more. The majority of us use our phones as our cameras too. Both of these things can really drain your phone battery, making the portable charger important, or even necessary for many people. Choose one that isn’t too heavy, and having cords built in is very helpful as well. Tips for keeping your phone charged at Walt Disney World.
  2. Sunglasses, hat/visor, sunscreen and lip balm – The sun can be brutal in Florida any time of year, so you need sunglasses or a hat/visor to protect your eyes, and make you more comfortable. Sunscreen and lip balm will will protect your lips and skin. They will need to be reapplied multiple times for most people.
  3. Water Bottle – You need to drink lots of water. Staying hydrated is extremely important, and carrying a water bottle with you makes it much easier to get your water in. You can take a reusable one, or carry disposable ones, but keep the weight in mind. Free cups of ice water are available throughout the parks as well. Be prepared to beat the heat at Disney World.
  4. Poncho – Rain is another common thing you will encounter. Often these showers come and go quickly, but by keeping a poncho in your bag you are prepared to stay dry. I like the disposable ones that are about $1.00 each. They are very small, and I toss them when the rain passes. Do not let the rain stop you from having fun at the parks! Check here for great tips on visiting in the rain.

    Need a poncha at Walt Disney World
    Ponchos are a great thing to carry with you in the parks.
  5. Medications – While you can visit the First Aid Center for medications, I like to have what I think I may need on hand. I take my most used medicines, and any necessary prescription medications with me in the parks.. More information about First Aid centers can be found here.
  6. Moleskin and Blister Band-aids – I recommend having moleskin and/or blister band-aids handy. Since there is so much walking, blisters are a common problem.
  7. Snacks – You will need to eat. If you are looking to save money on food, consider carrying snacks with you. Protein bars, trail mix or similar are perfect. You may want to keep mints or gum on hand as well. (Remember chocolate WILL melt, and gum is not sold in the parks.)
  8. Sanitizer – You will touch lots of surfaces. So, if you are concerned about germs, then you need to have this handy.
  9. Baggies – You need to protect your phone. Ziploc style bags are great to have for phones on water rides or in a downpour. They are great for organizing your bag.  They are also helpful with children for leftovers or wet clothing.
  10.  Mouse Ears/Disney Gear –  Autograph books and sharpies, lanyards and pins for pin trading, glow sticks for nighttime, etc.
    Mouse Ears, sunglasses at Disney World
    Did you remember your Disney gear?  Mouse Ears and sunglasses are on my “must-have” list for a day in the parks.


  11. Anything important to you! – Add anything you know you need often. Brush, ponytail holders, tissues, mini deodorant, wet wipes, powder, a real camera, misting fan or cooling towel, extra socks, etc.

You definitely do not have to carry all of these items, but they are some of the most common “must-haves” many park visitors find they need. Remember, you do not want your bag to be heavier than necessary, as you will be carrying it with you in the parks all day. Most of these things can be purchased in the parks, if you choose not to take it with you.

Entering the parks through security with a bag

Finally, a tip to make park entry through security quick and easy!  You want to avoid being pulled aside for a bag check. In order to do so, you need to place any metal items, like certain glasses cases or portable chargers in a separate clear baggie, and hold it out in front of you as you pass through the metal detectors. If you are holding those items in front of you where they can see them, they usually let you keep going. If something in your bag sets it off, you can ask if they know what caused it, so you can separate it out next time. The cute little mint tins sold in the parks will set them off as well.

Most importantly, you need to pack your patience and HAVE FUN! Be prepared to walk and wait. If you manage your expectations, you will have more fun! Enjoy all there is to see and do, but do not expect to do it all in one day. The parks are truly magical, look around and  take time to soak it all up and fully enjoy the MAGIC!

You are Ready to go and Have Fun!

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