10 Tips for Disney’s Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Attraction

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We had the opportunity to experience Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction at the media event earlier this month.   It was truly an enchanting and exciting experience.  This Walt Disney World attraction combines so much of what Disney does well.  Although we rode it a few times, we can’t wait to experience it again.  It completes the Magic Kingdom’s new Fantasyland and it is a beautiful new addition to the park.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Tips

We are including Ten Tips to help you enjoy the awesome Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction!

  • Immerse yourself in the story and enjoy all the details.    The queue, the attraction vehicles, the landscaping, the music, and everything else helps to tell the Seven Dwarf’s story.  Take some time to notice it all because it is a beautiful attraction and it completes the new Fantasyland.
  • This may seem like a no-brainer, but when the attraction opens on May 28, 2014, it is going to be popular.  It is going to be very popular.  Try to schedule FastPass+ for this attraction.  If you can’t schedule FastPass+ try to ride it first thing in the morning or take advantage of Extra Magic Hours if you are staying on-site.
  • The queue is part of the attraction and will help to keep everyone entertained as you wait in the stand-by line.  We matched jewels as they floated by in a video trough.  We made music by running our hands under water at the jewel washing station.  We also spun some gem barrels and were rewarded with some Disney magic on the ceiling.  Tip:  get all the barrels spinning at once for an even bigger surprise. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Queue
  • This is not just a coaster.  It really is two attractions that are blended seamlessly together.   Guests will not only experience the thrills of a coaster, but also the charm of a dark ride.  It also means that guests who are nervous get a little break from coaster thrills to enjoy the charm of the seven dwarfs.
  • You must be at least 38” to experience this attraction.  That means that most members of your party will be able to join in the fun.  This family coaster is one that most guests will enjoy.  I would equate the thrills to be similar to Big Thunder Mountain, but this coaster is smooth.  It is one of the smoothest coasters I have ever experienced.    It has no inversions and you won’t even hear that dreaded clicking noise as you climb the hills.
      • Just like many other coasters, the ride in the front is different from the ride in the back.  The front is a bit more tame and also allows guests to experience some great views.  The back is a bit more thrilling and feels faster.  (We kind of preferred the back, but both are great.)  You can check out a video of the ride below.

  • This is an attraction you will want to try at night and during the day.  We loved riding during the day.  We could see so many details and the views were awesome.   We also loved riding at night.  The parks always look a little more magical at night and Fantasyland is even more beautiful at night.   We also think that the attraction felt a little more thrilling at night.
  • The ride will operate during rain so don’t be discouraged if your day at the Magic Kingdom isn’t completely sunny.   Rain won’t stop this attraction but thunder, lightning, or a big storm will.   Disney always puts the safety of the guests first.
  • Yes, the cars really do swing from side to side.  I know some who have motion sickness issues have worried that this may make the attraction too intense.  We experienced no motion sickness issues while experiencing this attraction, and we are prone to issues on some attractions.  The sway of the cars happens as the cars are banking around a turn and is not a constant swaying.

    Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
    Snow White!
  • The audio animatronics in the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction are some of the most advanced Disney has created.  They are truly magical and their facial expressions made me feel as if I was in the movie.  Check out the cottage at the end of the attraction.  You will not only see Snow White & the Dwarfs, but you will also probably catch a glimpse of an apple bearing villain.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train opening May 28, 2014

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