Use Disney Lightning Lane to Save Time During Your Vacation

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Beginning July 24, 2024, you will be able to skip standby lines at Walt Disney World with Disney Lightning Lanes.  You will be able to purchase and choose arrival times using  Lightning Lane Multi Pass,  Lightning Lane Single Pass, or both before you leave home.  That allows you to plan and experience more magic each day!

Let’s review what this all means and how it can help you save time during your vacation.

What is a Lightning Lane? 

Let’s start with describing what a Lightning Lane (LL) is.  When you arrive at most attractions – which is another way to describe various rides, shows, and character meets – there are often two entrances to the attraction.  One is typically the standby line, also known as a queue.  The other line or queue, will be the LL.  This physical lane aka line aka queue, is your fast track to the front of the line!

Magic Kingdom Tron Lightning Lane & Virtual Queue Signs

The LL allows you to spend less time waiting in line so that you can experience more of the things that you want to do!  That might mean more rides, more time back at your resort pool, shopping, dining, taking in a show – you name it.

Lightning Lanes are not new.  Some of you are already familiar with these “lanes” as part of Genie+ and some of you knew them as FastPass queues or lines.   Disney is always looking at ways to improve guest experience in the parks so they make changes to their offerings and they evolve as they receive guest feedback.

What is Lightning Lane Multi Pass? 

Lightning Lane Multi Pass is an opportunity to bypass at minimum, three standby queues at eligible attractions, each day of your vacation.  Multi Pass is a product that you can purchase  per day and can customize per guest as well.  If not everyone in your party will be in the parks each day, or experiencing attractions, you can purchase Multi Pass for who you want, when you want!

What is Lightning Lane Single Pass? 

With Lightning Lane Single Pass, you can bypass the traditional queue or line for Disney’s most popular attractions.  These attractions are not included with Lightning Lane Multi Pass.  You can purchase Single Passes for up to 2 attractions per day.

Who can purchase these options? 

Anyone with valid park admission can purchase Lightning Lane Multi Pass, Lightning Lane Single Pass, or both!     Guests under 3 do not need to purchase Lightning Lane Multi Pass.

How much does it cost? 

Pricing will vary by day and theme park and is non-refundable.  Purchase is per guest per day so fully customizable.

There are additional inclusions with your purchase:

When can I purchase Lightning Lane Passes?

For onsite resorts guests, you will be able to purchase Lightning Lane Multi Pass, Lightning Lane Single Pass, or both at 7 am EST, 7 days prior to your arrival.  You can make selections for the length of your trip up to 14 days! Onsite resort guests for these purposes are guests staying at

  • all of the official Walt Disney World resorts
  • the Swan, Dolphin, and Swan Reserve
  • Shades of Green

Offsite guests with date-based theme park admission, can make their purchase at 7 am EST, 3 days in advance of their first park day for the length of their ticket.

Guests who have other ticket types and are not staying at an eligible onsite resort, can purchase at 7 am EST, 3 days before each of their park visits.

This is a great reason to consider staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel.  You’ll have access to Lightning Lane selections before most everyone else!

Disney's Pop Century Resort

How do I purchase it?

You will purchase Multi Pass and Single Pass through your My Disney Experience app.  A list of attractions and arrivals will be available to you prior to you making your purchase so that you know what to expect.

How do I use Lightning Lane Multi Pass? 


If you purchase Lightning Lane Multi Pass, you will be able to pre-select 3 attractions for each day of purchase and you will get a return time which is a 60-minute arrival window.  Multi Pass is set up with two tiers for Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios.

Guests can select one attraction from Tier 1 and two attractions from Tier 2 at parks that have tiers.  You could also make all three of your selections from Tier 2.   These selections can be reserved at your booking window, in advance of your arrival.

In the Parks

Once you arrive and redeem your first  Multi Pass selection, you can make another!   To maximize your purchase, each time you redeem a selection, you will book another one!  So you are able to select 3 in advance of your arrival, and then continue to book more once you are in the park using your  Multi Passes.

You will redeem your selections when you “tap” into an attraction and scan your MagicBand, MagicMobile, or Key to the World card.

  • Once you are in the parks, the tiers no longer exist for selections on the day of your visit.
  • You are able to hold up to a maximum of 3 Multi Pass selections at a time.
  • If you have a park hopper ticket, you can make your next selection for any of the parks as well.
  • You can also modify your remaining selections if you’d like to visit another park.

Multi Pass selections are limited to one per attraction, per day.  For example, if you have made a Lightning Lane Multi Pass selection for Space Mountain and want to ride it again, you can simply get in the standby queue!

What attractions are included?

Grab your downloadable copy


How do I use Lightning Lane Single Pass? 


You can purchase individual Lightning Lane Single Passes for up to 2 attractions per day. Lightning Lane Single Pass selections are limited to one per attraction, per day.  For example, if you have made a  Single Pass purchase for Avatar Flight of Passage and want to ride it again, you can simply get in the standby queue!

Guests with park hopper tickets can purchase Single Passes for different parks.

In the Parks

If you did not purchase Single Pass in advance, you can purchase up to 2 attractions per day based on availability.

What attractions are included?

Lightning Lane Single Pass Attractions

There are currently five attractions offered as Single Pass purchases.  Download all the options here.

Why should I buy Multi Pass or Single Pass?

Have you ever stood in a line and said, “I’d pay to not have to wait for this.”?  If you have, you are someone who sees the value in budgeting a little bit to make the most of their vacation experience!  Incorporating Lightning Lanes into your touring plan is going to truly help you get more done.

With the advance purchase and selection of attractions, you will also be lessening some of the stress of decision making during your day.  You’ll have some of planning done and be able to relax and enjoy your selections.

Have questions or need information to help plan your visit?  

We know that this may sound confusing, but you can receive planning assistance to make this all make sense.  Reach out to one of our agents at The Magic For Less Travel.  You will receive the expert guidance and tools to move beyond the one-size-fits-all approach to vacation planning – at no charge!  It’s a great way to save time, money and stress!

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