5 Reasons to Use the My Disney Experience App

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Top 5 best reasons to use the my disney experience appWhen it comes to a Walt Disney World vacation, the My Disney Experience is an essential part of your trip. Here are 5 reasons to use My Disney Experience App:

Mobile Food Orders

Unless you like waiting in lines at Walt Disney World you absolutely should use the My Disney Experience App to mobile order your quick service, and in some instances even snacks! The app lets you pick a current or future time where you can select your menu items and know when and where you will eat your future meal! When your dining window time opens you simply arrive at the restaurant, select “Prepare My Order” in the app and wait for them to make your food.  They don’t make the food ahead of time (so it won’t be cold) and don’t worry if your plans change – you can cancel the order without any penalty.

MDX Mobile Food Order Screenshot

Wait Times and Map

You can view all of the attraction wait times in the My Disney Experience App. Do you remember the days when you would walk ALL the way across the park only to find that the attraction you wanted to ride had a long wait? Now you can be standing at Space Mountain and see that Haunted Mansion only has a 13 minute wait so you know to walk across the park and get in line! You can also use the map feature to find where attractions, restrooms and more are located! MDX Wait Times

Future Plans

If you want to see your trip at a glance, be sure to use the Future Plans in the My Disney Experience App! You can utilize mobile check-in for your resort so that you can bypass the check-in desk as well as see a day by day itinerary of resort, park pass and dining reservations.

Dining Reservations

If you couldn’t get that hard to secure dining reservation, be sure to keep checking. It’s easy to check and modify Dining Reservations in the My Disney Experience App (even the day of!) for dining reservations. You can even select today’s date and time of “NOW” to be placed on a walk up list if there is availability.

MDX Dining Now

Genie+ and Individual Lighting Lane Selections

If you’re using Genie+ you will make and modify your selections in the My Disney Experience App. Simply select the return time and don’t forget that when you are eligible you can make additional Genie+ selections!

MDX App screenshot

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