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Our TMFLT agent was OUTSTANDING!!!  I cannot say enough wonderful things about her.  She was soooo easy to work with.  She answered all of my questions and gave me wonderful suggestions for our trip.  I planned a trip for 11 people and she could not have been any better!!!  Even when she was out of town, she gave me a contact person if I had any questions.  She was SUPER!!!

-Rita R

It was easy… Her help made my trip so easy, from getting of the plane to the resort, food ( love dining plan), setting up restaurants… It was great!

-Natasha C

Let me begin by telling you thank you!   We just arrived back home from our fabulous Disney Dream cruise.  I could not have imagined just how wonderful this experience was.  Eric and I kept telling everyone we met how this was the best vacation we have ever been on.  The Disney Dream crew couldn’t have made our 5th anniversary more magical or memorable.  Thank you for answering all our questions throughout the process and providing some wonderful and much needed information and advice through your podcasts.  We wish we could join everyone on the BOG Podcast cruise in July.    As for future cruises, Eric and I are already busy planning our vacations for 2014.  We would love to take the kids with us on a cruise this next year.  When we are ready, we would love to have you and the Magic for Less travel agency handle our booking.

-Laura and Eric S

Enjoyed our cruise immensely. Most relaxing vacation I have ever had! St. Thomas was the best.

Cindy M

-Cindy M

Found their knowledge of the parks was great.  She had great recommendations.  She also did a great job setting up that correct dinner reservation for our family.

-David B

Our agent knows about all things Disney.  She was able to give us helpful hints on parking, park hours, and dining!

-Kristina V

I felt so relaxed to have Jennifer in charge of my vacation.  I had trouble with my magical express tickets and she was right on top of it…THANK YOU for making this family vacation a great one!

-Tara S

Our TMFLT counselor is amazing.  He has assisted in my family vacation planning for the past several years and I am consistently impressed with his service.  While on this trip, we needed to make changes on a Sunday night for a Monday reservation, I sent an email and he responded immediately, I was shocked.  He then went on to take care of the needed changes to the reservation and I encountered zero stress.  Again, I was so impressed.  I tell all of my friends, family, colleagues,etc. about him because he is great.  Again, he is not only knowledgeable, he has helped me to plan and execute dream vacations for the past several years, he exceeds all my expectations (and I have high expectations).

-Jenel D

Our TMFLT agent was a joy to work with.  So much appreciated all her personal attention.

-Regina W

Carol gave us some personal helpful hints on what to do and see at Disneyland/California Adventure.  The hints were based on things that we chatted about in our emails with regard to my interests.  It was truly a pleasure to work with her.

-Aileen R

Using our counselor to plan our vacations makes vacation planning so fun. I decide when and where we want to vacation, where to eat, etc.  She spends the time online or on the phone securing those reservations while I spend time with my family. When I change my mind (a few times), she graciously makes those changes.  I can’t imagine a more stress-free way to vacation with Disney than with her and The Magic for Less.

-Kimberly S

All we had to arrive at the ship and our vacation was underway – no hassles or problems at all!

-Jan S



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