Create a Vacation Tradition with Pictures…Take 3

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Epcot is our favorite park! This is the picture that started our Entrance Selfie obsession in 2013.

You might remember, several months ago I talked about pictures being the best souvenirs in  Create a Vacation Tradition with Pictures and Create a Vacation Tradition with Pictures…Take 2  .  It’s time for take 3…with a selfie twist.  Before, it was about those out of the way, picture growth charts, so to speak.  Now it’s time to include you with those big icons of our favorite places.

This kind of picture give you those upclose details that you wouldn’t get with a traditional pose. Be careful to not be looking too far down into a pose like this one. That may give you more chins that you’d like to show.

We all know how invaluable our cell phone cameras are and once we had those front-facing cameras, communication was brought to a new level.  Need some selfie tips? Just talk to a teenager!  Along with my daughter, Walt Disney taught me a thing or two about photography.  The key here is forced perspective.  Selfies can be so limiting, but with a little foresight and patience, you can get those bigger things & groups into your picture.  You’ll probably have someone stop and offer to take your picture, but I always found that challenge to fit things in made it even more fun.  Just as Uncle Walt made Sleeping Beauty’s Castle look bigger used his architectural tricks on the Main Street buildings, you can fit those big things into your small pictures.

It doesn’t have to be the same pose every time, just have fun!!

Like before, I took a picture that I wanted to recreate time after time.   I have so many of these photos, since my first one in 2013.  My daughter came up with this idea.   We didn’t try to get it the same every time, just wanted that same fun, happy-go-lucky feel of that first time.

You can fit a bunch of people in a selfie if you just look at things from a different angle.
The long shot is a fun way to see a lot.

Groups can be harder to get everyone in a selfie, but if you stagger the position of everyone and you take a few steps in front of them, you can fit everyone in the shot.  Three ways to get everyone & everything you’d like in your shot: 1. Hold your camera up above, so your looking up. 2. Tilt the camera down to you. 3. Adjust your angle to fit everyone/thing in a diamond shape on your screen, don’t have your phone straight up or straight across.  This also gives your photos a more fun & whimsy feel.

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