Disney Cruise Line Rotational Dining

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The Disney Cruise line has many unique characteristics, and among these is “Rotational Dining.”  A typical cruise ship has a large main dining room (known as MDR) with two seatings, early and late, along with specialty restaurants.  The MDRs on a typical cruise line will seat many hundreds of guests and some cruise line dining rooms can seat over 1000 per meal period, so they’re quite cavernous.  Disney, being Disney, raised the bar for cruise ship dining and has done away with the Main Dining Room concept.  Instead, DCL has ” Rotational Dining.”

So what exactly IS Rotational Dining?  Rather than having guests go to a MDR seating 2000 people, DCL has designed their ships with separate dining areas so they can experience something different during their cruise.  With Rotational Dining, your table number remains the same as you rotate through three memorable dining venues- Animator’s Palate and Enchanted Garden on the Disney Dream and Fantasy, Royal Palace on the Disney Dream and Royal Court on the Disney Fantasy.  The Disney Magic and Wonder also have Animator’s Palate and Parrot Cay, along with Lumiere’s (Magic) and Triton’s (Wonder).  Each offers a different setting and culinary experience. All meals and soft drinks are included as part of your package while dining aboard your Disney cruise.

Your service team, including your Server, Assistant Server and Head Server, will be rotating with you to serve you each evening.   Your Server and Assistant Server will take care of your table each night throughout your cruise.  Your Head Server, who will stop by and introduce him or herself, is there to make sure everything exceeds your expectations.

You’ll be assigned a dining time for each evening.  Exact dining times and each night’s restaurant location are listed on your dining tickets which will be in your stateroom.  Can’t find your dining ticket?  No problem!  They are also abbreviated and printed on your Key To The World Card.  Festivities start promptly at your assigned times, so don’t be late.  You won’t want to miss even a moment!


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