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May 10, 2012

Our agent was very helpful in all aspects of our trip. She answered my questions & gave lots of advice/tips in all areas. I appreciate all that she did! Our trip was perfect!

-Shannon Mc

I LOVE LOVE LOVE our agent. I would not plan a trip with out her. She handled all of the small details and answered every question I had.

-Tara Mc

Very seamless transition between hotel/cruise/airport. Wonderful

-Kellie F

Everything was organized for us. Our dinner reservations were booked and well organized.

-Olivia S

I loved all the tips about what rides to ride at what times. What things were must see and what we should skip. For someone that had never been to Disney all the tips were very helpful and all my questions were answered.

-Athena V

Our agent was extremely helpful in providing general and specific details for WDW. The information — from planning a day at each park to knowing what to pack — was relevant and things only an “insider” would know. We were very lucky to have her expertise and “real life” tips.

-Victor L

May 7, 2012

I was able to quickly get questions answered without extensive research

-Kelly C

Our agent was helpful by first by watching for special offers and applying them. Second by assisting with the ADR and special tour bookings

-Carol T

Our agent is always very good with getting answers for us. If she doesn’t know the answer off hand, she is very good about getting back with us. She makes excellent arrangments too for example, recently help make arrangements for a scooter for my dad on the Magic. She’s wonderful!

-Cindy S

Timely help and great expertise in getting dining reservations

-Kristen W

best on board credit promotions that I could find at the time of booking – our agent was helpful without being too intrusive

-Chris M

May 3, 2012

Thanks much to guest Jackie S for sharing these great pictures and thoughts on her experience with The Magic for Less Travel in planning her recent Mexican Riviera Cruise on the Disney Wonder

Our agent is amazing – I have been working with her for >10 years. I wouldn’t take a Disney vacation without her – she’s like family now; we even met up Disney World one year! Anyway, she makes tons of pre-calls to Disney for us when we travel with family with special needs and gets us the best possible accommodations for our budget. She also makes helpful suggestions on saving money but not compromising our wishes. She also always sends a thoughtful note or surprise to our hotel or staterooms and it is there waiting for us on our arrival whether to mark a special occasion or just to wish us a joyous vacation. I constantly hand out her contact information to friends, neighbors and fellow vacationers – I LOVE her that much. When I get home I always send her a picture or two plus give her any inside tips I’ve learned over the years. I just got back from my 7th or 8th Disney cruise and I found an amazing “secretly HUGE stateroom that I got an upgrade to at the terminal – I photographed it and immediately told her about it so that her other clients may also have the fortune of staying in it. I could go on and on but like I said I don’t do anything Disney without her…

Mickey Ice cream suckers – a big hit!
William S watching as we pass by the Southern most tip of the Baja Peninsula
Tim on fishing excursion; very special for him as he is deaf and visually impaired (Disney took very good care of making sure Tim enjoyed his experiences)
Jackie S and nephew William on a whale watching excursion in Cabo San Lucas
Jackie S and nephew Tim horseback riding excursion along the Pacific Ocean in Cabo San Lucas

April 26, 2012

Our agent is the bomb, she knows where all we have stayed on Disney and recommends other Disney resorts that suits our taste. She makes sure we have dinner reservations and extra magical events she knows we want. We will continue to use TMFLTC as long as she is an agent. We LOVE the service that we get from her and would never book a trip to Disney without using her.

-Bruce B

Our agent made things so easy, I didn’t have to worry about anything. I was able to just sit back and relax, knowing she had everything covered.

-Janet S

Our agent is very knowledgeable and shared some very helpful tips. She coordinated our family vacation and went above and beyond to set things up for us. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Your service was fantastic. I honestly cannot even think of 1 thing to improve your service. You are already there!!!!!

-Jacqueline F

Because our agent had everything arranged and set up ahead of time, the vacation went very smooth and was well planned so we could make the most of it. She is a wonderful travel counselor and I will not hesitate to contact her again for future travel and will submit her name to anyone that I know is wanting to book a Disney vacation.

-Molly R

Our agent was awesome with all the help she provided. She was especially helpful with meal reservations. Everything worked out perfectly!

-Julie H

detailed plan, little tips. friendly emails

-Carlos S

April 26, 2012

Our agent was both informative and helpful. She gave me not only factual and published information, but her own personal insight and recommendations as well. Being my first time to stay on sight, her insider information was very helpful in planning a fabulous vacation for my group- and within my budget! I have already given her name to several friends/coworkers who hope to plan a Disney trip in the near future. She was a true pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with her again in the future!

-Tracy S

Our agent was able to get us the best package for our stay and what our needs were. As always we are very happy with the knowledge and service you provide to us.

-Tim H

Our agent was very timely and candid in her responses. It made what was felt to be an overwhelming task, very doable and allowed for our family to have a wonderful time together on our Disney vacation without much worry to schedule.

-Kimberly F

We were well prepared for everything, We were able to successfully experiencing everything we hoped and more, due to the advance knowledge of the parks, special tickets, etc. given to us by our agent. The Magical Packing tips were in deed that. Every item she told us to pack in the back pack for the park each day, was necessary and used well, through out the trip. They were life lifesaving tips. Awesome advice and arrangements. We plan to begin planning our 2013 trip as soon as pricing is available.

-Melissa F

Her (the agent) personal experience with Disney World helped us make decisions on our activities and dining experience.

-Ann S

April 23, 2012

Our agent is quick to respond to questions and is great to check something out if she doesn’t know the answer. What more could you ask for?

-Debbie K

Between having a special needs child and being a full time student, I just don’t have the time to deal with all the little details or watch for discounts. It’s so great to have someone I can trust to deal with it all for me

-Nicole H

lots of info and reminders about when to make ADRs, made event ticket purchases for us, checked for AP discounts–great service. I am always impressed at the response time for any questions I have sent to my agent. I wonder if she gets any sleep sometimes!

-Nancy L

My agent is always very prompt in responding to our e-mails and calls. She has consistently managed to get us the best room for our money at the Disney World Resorts. We are so pleased with everything that she has done over the years to make our visits to Disney World magical!

-Charles and Claudia L

April 10, 2012

Our trip was perfect thanks to our agent! She handled everything!

-Jill C

I had someone to ask questions to that knew the answer. I had a LOT of questions. I also let my agent make dinner reservations for us since we had never been to Disney before. She chose a character restaurant so the kids had their photos taken with Micky etc on our first day and skipped the lines at the parks!

-Cathy L

The planning of the vacation was just seamless. All questions that I had or members of our group had were answered promptly. My agent made everything easy.

-Steven S


Thank you so much to our agent!!! Given our busy schedules and cross country travel needs, you came through on all fronts. Even when I may have had a meltdown moment you remained cool headed and kind! Everyone loved the trip and will remember it as the most magical time ever!

-Fred G

April 7, 2012

It was nice to not have to handle all of the reservations and payments.  She reminded me when a payment was due and handled all of our reservations

-Audrey R

Our agent did an awesome job for me and my family in working out all of the details of our trip from the Disney Magic Express bus to every reservation. We had a fantastic time and it wouldn’t have been possible without his expert knowledge on Disney and its offerings.

-Victoria D

I can relax when I make reservations with my TMFLT agent because I know she will be on the lookout for better rates if they become available. I most always have one or two vacations planned and she keeps me on track and organized. Love her and your service!

-Nan R

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