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She made everything so easy. She took all of my worries and anxieties and turned them into an organized plan.  When my friends tell me how they are planning a Disney trip I keep trying to tell them to stop planning and contact her!  She was so knowledgeable!!

-Amanda G

With the tips and advise our counselor gave us we were able to maximize our time on our first visit to Disney World.  She shared with us her family’s experiences which helped anticipate what to expect on our vacation and she was spot on!  We felt very well “taken care of”.  We did not feel like we didn’t know what we were doing or where we were going.  It was an amazing first trip to Disney!

-Cathy S

Having an agent gave us a better picture of what to expect and how to manage things.  She was always thoughtful and anxious to help in any way.

-Marianna G

Steve was fantastic! He took a lot of time to answer all of my questions and offered wonderful advice. We will be making additional travel plans with Steve in the future.  Keep up the great job!

-Sabrina K

Our TMFLT agent was fantastic! We have been to Disney several times but this is the first time we’ve ever used a travel planner. It was great to email a list of wants and to have her work her magic. We were pleasantly surprised with a decrease in price after booking as well and enjoyed the added bonus gift. All in all it was a wonderful experience that we will definitely tell friends about and utilize again in the future!

-Michelle B

Booking with our TMFLT counselor was stress free. Her timely responses and helpfulness were a delight and made the decision about our vacation easier. We even upgraded room categories just seeing the price difference. She went above and beyond while we were on vacation for us. I had rec’d a text from the airline that our flight home had drastically changed times. Since we were out to see and unable to call or get online we an airline rep, I emailed her late in the afternoon with some details. Literally, within an hour, she emailed me back and had solved the crisis! We are ever so grateful and appreciative. We will definitely continue to use her in our future travel planning!!


This was my first cruise and my agent promptly answered my many questions. He took most of the stress out of the trip planning just like he did 5 years ago when I took my entire family to Disney World.

-Kris M

It made my trip less stressful.

-Nichollette M

My counselor took the stress off of me! My dining reservations had to be done on Christmas Day and she took the time to still do them and she got every reservation that I wanted and got us great times! Whenever I had a question she always answered it thoroughly. I will definitely book through her in the future too!  Great job! Love the booking extras that you get depending on how much you spend! My kids loved the ears and autograph books!

-Nicole B

Lower cost package.  Made suggestions for additional activities that I was not aware of.

-Steve H

It was our first family trip to Disneyland. Our TMFLT counselor gave us excellent & honest advice about all aspects of our stay from hotel & room selection to dining and shows.  Linda gives a much higher level of service than any other travel agent we have used in the past.  She was also available to answer queries while we were at Disneyland.

-Joanna L

she was very knowledgeable and was able to help us to decide what kind of package we would really be happy with and we were

-Christine P

It was so nice to have someone handle the details of our trip.  Loved having our package arrive with autograph books, luggage tags, and info about our trip. We will definitely use our agent again!

-Tamara H

Our TMFLT agent provided information about an event that we had never heard about or tried and it was great.  She also was able to get us reservations in a time slot that we wanted that I hadn’t been able to book.  She was able to answer all our questions, provide resort accommodations selections for us to choose from and our trip was seamless with only positive outcomes and an overall great time with her help and guidance.  She was great to work with, easy to reach and very responsive to all our requests.   Thank you for helping plan an excellent and fun-filled family trip.

-Barbara B

The service provided by The Magic for Less Travel and my Magic for Less Travel Counselor is great as I do not have to worry about planning which can be very stressful for me and takes the stress out of vacationing/planning. Our counselor and his agent that was assisting him worked with me to figure out what my timeline, budget and expectations were and also took the time to work with me to figure out the best itinerary, spots to eat, etc. They both strived to respond to my inquires as soon as possible and are great to talk to. The service is awesome and I hope to reach out to you all again in the future!

-Jean Y

This was my first time planning my family a Disney vacation. My parents always did the planning but having a travel person for everything made me feel so much better and I knew if I ever had a question or issue I would have him to walk me through the chaos.

-Crystal M

Hotel check-in was easy.  Nice to extra $ discounts and travel goodies added to the package.  Our agent ensured everything went smoothly with booking, ticket arrival, and any follow ups.  Very pleased.

-K T


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