Help with all the details of a Walt Disney World, Disneyland or Universal Studios vacation

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My agent took care of the things I needed done but didn’t have time to do myself.

-Justin G

I have always planned our family’s vacation and this is the first time I used an agent.  I can’t express my gratitude to our counselor for making the planning and preparation so simple and stress free.  He made it so easy that my only worry was that it seemed too good to be true.

-Jennifer B

Our agent was quick in all of his responses. He sent many helpful tips throughout the process.  He is a great agent and I wish I used him for our 2 previous Disney BBC trips.

-Tim B

I contacted my counselor about a special that I knew about, and she directed me to an even better special.  She also helped us to add a few days to our trip and get us into the same resort and not have to change rooms.  She stayed in communication with me from when I booked in the fall until we went on our trip for spring break, and when she was not available, she gave me the contact info for another agent in case I had any questions.  She also had really good advice.  I will never book a Disney Vacation or a cruise without her!  She is so knowledgable, gives such great advice, and makes sure we get the best deal possible that meets our needs.  I booked 3 Disney Trips in a calendar year with her – that isn’t normal, but because of her ability to find good  deals, we were able to do so!!!

-Melissa R

She went above and beyond! She booked our golf cart, dinning, special deserts and so much more!

-Kerrilynn Y

It was nice to receive the information prior so I could read and become familiar with things before I arrived at my designation.


Even though I am a seasoned Disney vacationer, my agent sent me frequent updates.

-Nancy N

Our agent was always on top of things and getting me the best price for everything. She is so easy to work with. It was nice to sit back and have my trip done for me.

-Jane M

It lessened the stress on me, I gave my agent an idea of the things we wanted to do and she took care of the rest of it. She was also super helpful when it came to giving information on the fast pass process! Thank you so much for all of the help with planning our trip,  you have no idea how much this helped me simce so much had changed in the six years since we last visited Disney!!!

-Sabrina B

Our agent told us EVERYTHING. She gave us times to go to places, the best places to eat, play, etc. She really helped us get the most of our vacation.  She was amazing. She provided so much information with fastpasses, dinners, the best packages for my family. Things to see, when to be where… and so many other little things. It really made our vacation run much smoother and eventful than it would have otherwise!


Our counselor is fantastic! This is the second cruise we booked through him.  He is very attentive, takes times to answer questions, and is there every step of the way. I wouldn’t book a cruise with anyone but him.


My agent quickly replied to any questions I had and seemed genuinely interested in providing the best travel planning possible

-Roxanne W

Our agent always sends information on the Resort, Park Hours, Special Events, Refurbishments, etc., to keep us up to date on what is happening.  Any questions we have she answers quickly and completely.  Have been working with her for years now.  She’s always pleasant, and answers questions in a short amount of time.   Always find her to be very helpful and knowledgeable.  I have referred her to other friends and they also find her wonderful to work with.

-Linda K

Our counselor took care of all of our needs. If I had any questions I simply emailed her and she got the answers for me

-Fred C

Our agent is so knowledgeable and helpful. She honestly feels like a part of the family. My husband and I will say numerous times on vacation â Jeannette is the best!  

-Katherine W

Our agent takes all the stress out of vacation planning.  Wouldn’t take a vacation without consulting her first.

-Leonora K

Our agent found us two additional discounts after our initial booking.  She is always looking out for us!

-Cheryl V

We would have been choosing restaurants at random had we not had the experience of our Travel Counselor.   In following her advice, we had some amazing meals!

-Tammy C

Our counselor is incredibly knowledgeable.  I had an unexpected surgery prior to my trip, and he was able to talk through mobility options and pointers about getting around the parks.  I have referred several friends or family members to him that are exploring a potential Disney vacation, and they always come away wowed.  I am thankful for his experience, patience and knowledge every time I book with him.  He makes me feel confident in my choices and always has new tidbits of information to share  about the parks, be it Disney or Universal.

-Jill B

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