The Magic for Less can make your cruise planning as easy as can be

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Our magic for less counselor was always available for our emails, phone calls and emails and if she was not available we always had a prior notice and contact information of her co workers who could and did assist us, with the same great service. She arranged a hotel stay since we were arriving in Orlando a day early, staying at the Orlando Hyatt was the best choice and was a luxurious vacation on its own. I felt that I and my family were very well prepared for our Disney cruise and look forward to working with her in the near future for our next cruise.

-William H

Our agent is always willing and able to get answers to all of my questions – she provides us with suggestions as to how to get the most of our vacation/cruise.  She is not afraid to make suggestions to us as to help with our trip planning.  If she doesn’t have an answer to my question – it doesn’t take her long to get us the answer.

-Debbie D


Got a great recommendation for the taxi company that took us to out cruise and then to WDW. They were great

-Jane P

Our magic for less counselor is always informative and helpful no matter where I cruise or go to at Disney,  She is the best!

-Denise P

We received a nice anniversary  celebration  from our wait staff during dinner. Our agent  had contacted Disney to inform them of our anniversary.

-Peggy L

Our magic for less counselor was always available to answer any question. She also assisted by booking a cruise on opening day and spent hours on the phone with Disney allowing me time to work.

-Jennifer O

Our agent knows everything!!! His amazing service with out past trips helped us to try a Disney cruise this time.

-Tiffany L

We had several questions about our cruise which our agent answered for us. We also asked her to request a specific dining rotation. She said she could not promise that we would get our request, but she asked. We got it.

-Fred C

This was my first cruise. I had no idea what to expect and my agent prepared me for everything.  Was very easy to deal with him. Stress free and great communication makes dealing with him for all my cruises a nobrainer!

-Tyler H

Always use the same agent because I know she will get us the best cabin available and will get us the best price available.

-Gloria K

Our magic for less counselor helped us make smarter decisions about our sailing and provided some good insights about port adventures as well.

-Jeff G

Our counselor was a true professional and really helpful with everything..She was very prompt in her email communications and always answered all my questions.Her tips and timely advise helped me have a better understanding of what to expect and also helped me plan the vacation better.I am thoroughly excited to have chosen The Magic for Less and more so to have someone like her help me with the trip. I look forward to doing business again and also referring all my friends and family to magic for less and my agent.

-Vikram S

My counselor is amazing!  I have not been on a cruise in a long time.   He helped and gave great information. We would not use anyone else!

-Tiffany L 

My magic for less agent made planning my Disney Cruise so easy.   When I did have questions, he answered right away and provided valuable tips.   If I could rate him as better than Excellent I would.  I am so thankful for finding The Magic for Less Travel and even more thankful to have him as my travel agent and friend.

-Melanie M

We were very prepared for the vacation. Our agent communicated to us what to expect and helped us plan ahead to the best of our ability.   We have already contacted her to set up another cruise because we had such a great experience. 

-Donald H

Our counselor took care of booking our cruise as well as transportation.  She answered a lot of questions and provided advice for room selections.  This was the first time I have used a travel agent and loved it.  I will be back!

-Danielle R

Our agent sent several emails providing lots of information needed prior to and during our cruise. She also assisted with suggestions for transfer services to/from the ship.  She has always been amazing with communication and speed of replies. I’ve referred several people to her and she contacts them promptly to help them with their vacation planning. 

-Eric M

When we couldn’t find the right cabins for our Disney cruise, our agent found a great pair of cabins in a place we hadn’t even thought about looking.

-Meg M

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