Narrowing down choices on where to stay in Las Vegas, Florida, California or anywhere else

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With this being our first trip to Vegas. our agent helped narrow down our choices where to stay and what to do.


Our agent is so knowledgeable about our travel destinations.   This is the second trip she has booked for us (we also visited Disney World last year) and her tips and advice are invaluable to us. 

-Lisa P

My agent was simply superb from the first moment to the last.   I’ve not been to WDW in 20 years and he was so willing to answer all my questions even ones that to him would have seemed such a basic question. Despite the 5 hour time difference he was always speedy in replying to everything.

-Johnny L

Our counselor took the stress of finding the best deal for my needs I had a three part vacation and a cruise in the middle The first part was with friends and after the cruise we were with family then a few days just my husband and I.   Everything went so well he is now helping plan a family honeymoon for my daughter in September

-Jennifer T

Our agent sent a gift basket to our room which was very welcome given our weather related traffic difficulties. He was awesome in assisting with adjusting travel arrangements for my in-laws when they were also affected by weather related traffic difficulties. He did a great job finding us best price for what we wanted.  We had previously booked trips of similar length with less people and many more hiccups. Our agent did a great job keeping our group of 20+ people organized right through our trip.  Everyone in my group was supremely satisfied as well. The gift card and basket to the room were nice touches as well. We will 100% use magic for less when we run this trip back in a year or two.

-Rich F

This was our fourth trip that our agent has assisted with.  Every single one of these trips has been flawless.  Jeanette helps in whatever fashion you need her to and I can’ t tell you how much we appreciate that. We are pretty self- sufficient but whenever we need her to jump in, she does not hesitate.  Would not consider working with anyone else.  

-Michael D

She was helpful on the times to go Resorts, fast passes, travel info. Was quick To respond to our questions. She was a Blessing

-Steve and Kath B

Going to Disney World is a bit overwhelming. I hadn’t been in almost 20 years. This was a new experience going without children. Dotti provided great and appropriate advice and guidance.

-Connie R

Very knowledgeable of all aspects of the Disney experience- from navigating MCO to what attractions are open/closed even to pollen update as she returned the day before we were flying out!!  Great recommendations of dining and other attractions!  We felt very prepared for the trip!

-Rebecca S 

Our Magic for Less counselor made planning this trip so much more efficient.  Every time I had a questions I knew she would be able to provide answers or suggestions.  She made this trip better for my entire extended family.

-Joshua P

Our agent is always VERY responsive. She even helped me with cancelling a dinner reservation. I knew I could have gone to the hotel conceirge but it saved me time to just email her and know she would take care of it. Her Disney gift card for our family was much appreciated and came in handy. Thank you!

-Cheryl P

Her knowledge of the dos/don’ts was amazing! We provided her with our wants and needs and she made it happen.  Our agent booked everything she could for us and may sure we knew how/when to book the things we had to do ourselves.  Our trip was Fabulous.  She let us know that we could call her about anything while on our trip and in the parks. I was not expecting that.  Due to the excellent job she did for us, we did not need to contact during our trip.  On a side note, she was not available for a small time period, but provided a name and contact info for another agent if we needed anything while she was out.  This agency does a great job of taking what could easily turn into a huge stressful mess and makes it easy, relaxing and fun.

-Toni H

The entire planning phase was very well managed and our agent provided everything we needed to get the most from our Disney cruise.

-Michael F

I did not have to do a single thing! Carrie took care of every detail.   Now that we have booked multiple times through her she knows what we like and don’t like.  And she even sent the family cookies to our cabin on the last cruise!

-Courtney G

She was extremely helpful coordinating vacation plans. Our family had three separate reservations trying to get dining reservations and everything else together.

-Craig V


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