Pet Suggestions While You Travel

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Ahhh, as an avid animal lover and “fur baby mommy” to several rescue pets, there are a list of protocols I follow to ensure my pet’s safety and comfort while traveling. Some folks have pet sitters, or ‘nannies’, while others board them at a kennel. Either way, here are some suggestions to ease your mind while vacationing as someone else cares for your Muffy or Scruffy.

For those leaving your pets at home with a pet sitter who checks in on them, make sure to introduce the sitter several times to them before you leave on your vacation. This comforts the animals to know that person is accepted by you to be in the home and they become more familiar with the new person.

Show the sitter exactly where the pets eat. Some pets have distinct places to find their food and water bowls. Others may be given a small treat while they wait for the main meal. Whatever you do as a normal routine, try to get the sitter to mirror everything you do. The least disruption for the pet, the better.

Have a checklist for the sitter to ensure everything is detailed. This also will guide him/her to know what times the pets are used to such activities as meals and walks.

Have an emergency contact list. This should contain the veterinarian’s name and telephone number and an emergency clinic name and information as a backup in case there is a medical emergency after hours. Also, write a permission note for the sitter to act on your behalf should you not be reached during an emergency. Some veterinarian clinics also may have a credit card number on file should it be required for payment for any services before you return home. For security purposes you may not want others to know you are away, so just ensuring there is a card on file for your general travel purposes may give you that added piece of mind in case a pet medical emergency takes place.

Pet emergency information while on vacation

If pets are on medications, list each medication for which pet, the dosage and when to administer. This will curb any confusion if multiple medications are used and on a variety of pets. Some folks even have set up pill boxes in advance for each pet. This is a great way to ensure the correct dosage of medications and times given.

Leaving an article of your clothing or a pillow you slept on for the pet to smell and sleep with may give the pet added comfort while you are away. Also leaving a radio or television on during the day and/or having a small light on inside the house at night may also calm a pet.

Should pets go to a boarding facility, in addition to some of the ideas mentioned above, you may also want to bring some of the pet’s favorite toys, blanket and bedding. In addition, add something you wear or sleep with so your scent will add comfort while you are away. For a trip to Walt Disney World you may consider Best Friends Pet Care.

It is so much easier to vacation knowing that your pets are happy and healthy and waiting to see what gifts you are going to bring them when you return.

Pet meds while on vacation


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