A Royal Visit to Port Orleans Riverside….

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Princesses of every age will love the elegance of a Royal Room at Port Orleans Riverside Resort. Our royal visit started at check-in when we were presented with a beautiful scroll from Princess Tiana.

Tied Scroll


Letter from Tiana
Letter from Tiana

After we checked in we walked through the beautifully landscaped walkways and over a wooden bridge that crossed the man-made Sassagoula River. At the end of the bridge we came to the gorgeous Mansions of the Magnolia Bend district and the two three story buildings that house the Royal Rooms, Oak Manor and Parterre Place.


When I entered our room I felt like I stepped into a castle, the pictures do not do it justice. The décor was very elegant yet cute. The bed is very ornate with a dark wooden headboard that incases a scene out of The Princess and the Frog movie. The scene lights up when a button on the side of the headboard is pressed and fiber optic special effect fireworks are displayed.   The lighting in the top of the headboard shines down to make for a great reading light at night and each beds light can be turned off with separate switches.The bedding is very regal with a gold decorative lumbar pillow and a bed runner that if you look closely you will be able to point out each of the princesses crowns.

Light Switch
Light Switch
Bed Runner
Bed Runner

On top of the dresser sits a TV that is surrounded by wood with a fancy gold fillagree. You’ll also find 3 nicely sized drawers for storage and a door that hides the mini fridge. The border around the room is a continuous ribbon and bows with little characters and surprise trinkets.

Bedroom Border

Two stately looking chairs sit around the table and when you look up you’ll see hidden mickey’s on the hanging lamp. Two decorative flags with the princes names and silhouettes hang on each side of the mirror on the wall above the table.

Table and Chairs
Hanging Light

An elegant gold curtain rod hangs above the entrance to the royal facilities, the curtains attached are for decorative purposes only. There is another curtain hid behind these that can slide across when privacy is needed. I find this really useful when I get up earlier than my family to get ready in the morning. When you walk into this area you will find 2 sinks and this is where you will see one of Tianna’s treasures, the faucets are beautiful one of a kind brass genie lamps. I found there to be a lot of storage space with a shelf above and below the sink. Above the shelves are two mirrors and on the bathroom door is a full length mirror. There is a rack for you to hang your clothes and another shelf above the rack for more storage. This area is equipped with a hairdryer ironing board, iron, hangers, and wall safe.

Sink Area
Sink Area
Hanging Rack

The shower curtain in the bathroom is done in a Little Mermaid theming among some gold fillagree. All the towel rods and accents are all done in brass to match the rest of the room. The boarder around the bathroom area has pictures of all different characters in bubbles which is really cute.

Soap and Towel
Bathroom Border

I loved going through the room and finding all of Princess Tianna’s treasured mementos.

Tiana Picture
Foot Stool
Coat Rack
Inlaid Rug

With the Royal Rooms You can choose from 4 different views standard view, garden view, pool view and river view. Every room will have 2 queen beds, there is not an option to sleep 5 or an option for a king size bed. They also do not have a preferred room option but with a less than 5 minute walk to the South bus depot and the dining hall you really do not need one.

View of Dining Hall from Boat Dock
South Bus Depot

The rooms are located around an elegant quiet pool. Inside the pool gates you will also find laundry facilities and a bathroom.

Quiet Pool
Laundry Room

The Royal Rooms at the Port Orleans Riverside Resort are simply beautiful. With all of the attention to detail and the convenient location of the rooms, you are sure to make every princesses dreams come true.















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2 Replies to “A Royal Visit to Port Orleans Riverside….”

  1. Hi! We will be staying in the Royal Rooms in August at POR. Not everyone mentions getting the scroll. Did you just get it upon check-in or do you need to request it? We’d love for my niece to get one instead of just the one designed on the table. Thank you!

  2. Hi Cathy! We were just given the scroll upon check in, we didn’t have to request in advance. Enjoy your stay in their royal room, it really is beautiful!

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