The Character Breakfast at Topolino’s Terrace

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Topolino’s Terrace Character Breakfast is terrific! And there’s nothing like a great character breakfast at Disney World. Plentiful and delicious food, fun character interactions, elegant decor and a beautiful view can all contribute to an excellent dining experience. Topolino’s Breakfast à la Art checks off all of these boxes!

Mickey at Topolino's Character Breakfast

Topolino’s Theming

Located on the 10th floor of Disney’s Riviera Resort, Topolino’s rooftop restaurant fits in perfectly with an elegant Italian theme. The restaurant is one large room with many tables and some booths. Exquisite chandeliers adorn the restaurant with plenty of floor-to-ceiling windows to take in the amazing views while dining. This signature restaurant is beautiful, but not too formal. You will feel at-home in casual guest attire and will also fit in wearing a polo shirt or even something semi-formal.

Topolino’s Menu

Topolino's Character Breakfast Menu

Topolino’s Character Breakfast à la Art uses a prix fixe menu. Each adult and child (Ages 3-9) pays one set price regardless of your entrée choice. Although there are specialty alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for additional purchase, juice, water, soft drinks and regular coffee are included. I highly recommend the included POG juice – Passionfruit, Orange, and Guava juices – for a delicious and refreshing drink while dining.

Paint Bucket

Topolino's Character Breakfast Paint Bucket of Pastries

Do you like muffins with chocolate chips, maple pastries and croissants? Topolino’s breakfast begins with a “paint bucket” consisting of these items. Toppings and dips such as butter, a chocolate spread and strawberry jam accompany your bread bucket. Your server will gladly refill your bucket as much as you’d like.


Topolino's Character Breakfast Quiche Gruyère

Now it’s time to dig into the fabulous array of entrées! There’s a wide variety of offerings ranging from the always popular Quiche Gruyère (House-made Pancetta, Roasted Potatoes, Field Greens, Lemon Vinaigrette) to the Wild Mushroom Scramble (Spinach, Plant-based Eggs, Plant-based Sausage, Tomatoes).

Lighter Fare

Topolino's Character Breakfast Avocado Toast

Lighter appetites will appreciate the Fruit Plate (Fresh Fruit, Honey Yogurt, Seed Granola), Smoked Salmon (Everything Bagel, Tomato, Red Onion, Cream Cheese, Capers) or Avocado Toast (Prosciutto, Poached Egg, Toy Box Tomatoes, Fennel, Harissa Vinaigrette, Ciabatta).

On the Sweet Side

Topolino's Character Breakfast French Toast Brûlée

For those looking for something a little sweeter, consider trying the French Toast Brûlée (with Seasonal Compote and choice of Smoked Bacon, Ham, Sausage, or Plant-based Sausage) or Sour Cream Waffle (Roasted Apple, Chantilly, Orange-Maple Syrup, and served with choice of Smoked Bacon, Ham, Sausage, or Plant-based Sausage).

Buck’s Favorite

Topolino's Character Breakfast Wood-Fired Butchers Steak

My favorite is the Wood-Fired Butchers Steak (Polenta, Pomodoraccio Tomatoes, Roasted Onions, Wild Mushroom Conserva, Watercress). The steak, which is very flavorful, has always been done perfectly to order. This entrée gets you the best value for your money and it’s delicious!

What about the kids? In the tradition of “creating art,” young ones get to choose their Create-Your-Own entrées from Scrambled Eggs, Fruit and Yogurt or Mickey Waffle Dippers. In addition, kids are invited to add two of the following to their meal: Roasted Potatoes, Sausage, Fruit Cup and Bacon.

Character Interactions

One of the best benefits of a character meal is the opportunity to interact with some of your favorite Disney characters without the wait. Topolino’s Character Breakfast truly delivers in this area. Instead of waiting in line, characters come to you during your dining experience! Since the word “Topplino” is Italian for Mickey Mouse, we already know who the headliner is!

Get ready to meet Mickey in his painter’s costume, Minnie with her poet outfit including the feather pen on her head, Donald with the apron that artists wear when crafting a clay pot of some kind, and Daisy in her dancing outfit. Characters will come to your table, interact with all those interested and gladly pose for photos. Depending on how quickly you dine, some characters may make a return visit.

Periodically, the characters are introduced to the restaurant patrons through an official announcement and music. And every so often, characters lead a song and dance that will get everyone clapping to the beat! It’s a lot of fun and adds to the ambience and festive atmosphere.

Check Out the Terrace

Topolino's Character Breakfast Terrace View

Once you’ve finished eating and getting photos with characters, don’t forget to visit the terrace. Topolino’s Terrace offers vast and stunning views that are worthy of a few more pictures. It’s a nice way to wrap up a delightful dining and character experience at Topolino’s Character Breakfast!

Don’t forget that dining reservations are accepted and strongly encouraged to dine at Topolino’s Terrace. Your travel counselor at The Magic For Less Travel can help guide and assist you with dining reservations and any other parts of your Walt Disney World Resort vacation, including making all of your dining arrangements. Reach out for a vacation quote today!

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