How the Disney Dining Plan Can Save You Money on Character Dining

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If you like to dine with characters, you will want to consider adding the Disney Dining Plan to your vacation package!  We are going to show you how the Disney Dining Plan can save you money on character dining so keep reading.

Set Prices for Character Dining

Did you know that almost all character dining locations have a set price per guest?  That’s right!  Character dining locations have a preset price for buffets, family-style dining, or a prix fixe menu.  These meals are set at a premium price so you’re already getting back the majority of what you paid for your dining plan at this one meal.

It’s worth noting that guests are charged this price regardless of how much they eat, if even at all.  So even the pickiest eaters will pay the same amount.  Small children who take two bites?  Yes, set price.  Adults who only want coffee and a single Mickey waffle?  Yes, set price.

Download Our Character Dining Chart!!

Best Character Dining Values with the Dining Plan

So let’s look at the cost of character dining at the most popular locations.  The locations below are all 1 table service dining credit. Some locations require 2 table service credits and you can find that list here. We recommend paying cash for the 2 credit locations so you can save those 2 credits for two other meals!

Adult Pricing

Children’s (ages 3-9) Pricing

Comparing the Check to the Dining Plan

Now let’s look at the cost of the dining plans as compared to the cost of your character dining.  If you were to use your table service credit for character dining at Chef Mickey’s, you’re almost already breaking even with the “nightly cost” of the dining plan.  Chef Mickey’s will cost guests ages 10+ $82 plus tax for their meal.  The cost of the dining plan is $89 plus tax and you will have a quick-service meal, a snack credit, and your resort refillable mug.  You would easily come out ahead in this situation!

Chef Mickey’s will cost guests ages 3-9 $40 plus tax for their meal.  The cost of the dining plan is $28 plus tax.  Have you noticed we haven’t even added in the quick-service meal, a snack credit, or resort refillable mug value and you are already ahead?  You are paying $28 plus tax for a child’s dining plan when the cost for one character meal is $49 plus tax! That’s a no-brainer.

Other Reasons to Include the Disney Dining Plan

We know that dining with characters everyday may not be in the plans, but we promise you that the cost of dining at Disney adds up quick.  Here are some other reasons to add the Disney Dining Plan to your vacation package!

Still Have Questions?

If Disney math isn’t your thing or you’re still not sure how a dining plan would work or if it’s a good value for you, reach out to one of our agents who will guide you through the information and figure out what works best for you!  Get your no-obligation quote here.  Already booked?  You may be eligible to transfer your reservation so our team can still help!  Contact for transfer information.


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