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Finding the right souvenir is always a fun part of my vacation.  I want something that will bring about great memories of my trip while I’m at home.  While I do enjoy a special t-shirt or pair of sparkly mouse ears, they usually go in a drawer or get packed away until my next trip.

In Epcot in the Land Pavilion to the left of the entrance of Soarin’ there’s a small shop that sells souvenirs, across from that is the desk to sign up for Behind the Seeds Tour.  Both these areas sell “Mickey’s Mini Garden” plants.  They are located on a small display that you might miss if you aren’t looking carefully.  This plant tissue culture comes from the regeneration of cells from a parent plant located in the Land greenhouse.

Display of Plants
Display of plants

The plants are tiny, about 1-2” tall and are in sealed glass jars which are in a colorful box.  The plants are growing in a gel medium and do not need to be watered.

The first time I brought one of these plants home I was so excited to plant it!  I read the directions and planted them!  It died pretty quickly.  I was very disappointed and I figured the plant wasn’t strong enough after traveling so far home.  On my next trip, my husband & I took the “Behind the Seeds Tour” and we noticed them growing in the lab.  I told the tour guide about my disappointment with my plant.  She told me to keep it in the jar as long as possible.  The gel medium is all it needs!

Dragon Fruit and Banana plants

On that trip, I bought a banana plant and a dragon fruit.  When I got home I left it in the jar for close to 6 months.  It grew beautifully and was close to the top of the jar when I decided to plant it.  A year later they are doing great.  I’ve added three more to my collection- prickly pear, vanilla & kalanchoe which is all thriving in their jars.

Plants in jars

This is the souvenir that keeps on giving!  They are relatively easy to grow. One plant I would avoid is the Venus flytrap.  It’s a fun one to have but really hard to keep alive!

Are you interested in adding one of these plants to your garden?


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5 Replies to “EPCOT Souvenir”

  1. Thanks for this information. I returned yesterday from WDW with a passion fruit plant. It already looks a little wilted and one yellow leaf has fallen off. I hope it will revive. I placed it on our front porch where it will be out of the direct sun and should not get too hot. Which brings me to my question. Did you keep your plants inside, air conditioned or outside? Did you get any hints about environmental temperature from your Behind the Seeds Tour? I really want my tiny plant to make it so my new students can follow its progress when we head back to school this fall. Thanks. Susan

  2. Hey Susan!

    I lived in NJ so I kept them in the house in a spot where they got partial sun. I now live in Florida & I have a new one which I also keep indoors. My established ones are outside now & huge!! Good luck!

  3. Okay, I have searched for the name of the one my husband bought this March, 2020. He didn’t keep the tag with the name!!! ?
    He said it started with an “A” and had a red flower on it. I said possibly an amaryllis??
    He looked at the picture of a plant I googled and said “no”. I give up!!!
    Currently it is a tiny prickly looking “stubby” plant. Bought in The Land at EPCOT.

  4. I received the prickly pear cactus as a gift about a week ago. I put it on my kitchen windowsill. I notice the other day there was some moisture in the container. This morning there is a mold spore in the jell on the bottom. Should I leave it? Repot it as directed? I really don’t want it to die. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

  5. Did yours grow white spores? Almost like white mold?
    Because mine did. And I never took them out of the jar.

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