Move Aside Flat Stanley – Wally is Here!

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Have you heard of Flat Stanley? He’s was made popular by a children’s book and you’ll often hear of teachers using him for projects at school. Some friends of mine who travel together every four years, have created a fun way for adults to get in on the “Flat Stanley” fun.

Each trip, they bring along a small plush animal (this time it was Wally the Wombat) and each person on the trip has one day to capture images of him coming along for the ride. Who says adults can’t have fun too. Wally got into all sorts of mischief on this trip. My son got to hang with Wally on a visit to Disney’s Animal Kingdom and then I had the good fortune of having Wally tag along with me in Jamaica while we were on a Disney Cruise! Others took him to Cozumel, out for tea at the Grand Floridian and he even got to participate in the Halloween on the High Seas fun!

You wouldn’t think that adults would enjoy this activity but oddly enough they get in on the fun and teens, who just love Snapchat and selfies can come up with all sorts of creative ways to involved your fun little friend.

Smaller children love to pose with him and you never know how much mischief one little friend can make.

So next time you’re on vacation with multi-generations, consider taking along your own fun friend to make some extra magical memories!  Check out the photos from our recent adventures with Wally the Wombat!

Wally is crowned King for a Day!
Wally couldn’t resist being crowned King for a Day at the World of Disney Store in Disney Springs!

Wally and Discovery Cove

At Discovery Cove in Orlando, Wally tried on his swim goggles for a date with a Dolphin!

Wally at Cracker Barrel
Wally got a chance to eat at a local Cracker Barrel in Orlando and just couldn’t decide which American Comfort Food to try first
Wally tries the Grey Stuff
Wally tried the Grey Stuff at Be Our Guest Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom and loved it!
Towel Animals
Towel animals on a Disney Cruise make great snuggle buddies!



Tea at the Grand Floridian
Tea at the Grand Floridian, how charming! Wally definitely minded his manners.
Animal Kingdom
Wally enjoyed the sights and sounds of Animal Kingdom.
Tree of Life
Wally was a little too small to climb the Tree of Life.
Don't sleep here
If Wally knew how to read, he’d follow the rules.
Pirate Night
It’s Pirate Night on the Disney Fantasy!
Jerk Chicken
Genuine Jamaican Jerk Chicken. Delicious!
Jamaica, Hotel Crew
Anyone can get in the act, even innocent bystanders!
Wally thought that sampling the seaweed would be a good idea
Enjoying the beach in Jamaica is great until you get sand in your claws.


While everyone else was reaching for the Tootsie Rolls and Gummy Bears, Wally made a beeline for the M&Ms during the Halloween Party on the Disney Fantasy!
Anyone seen Wally?


Wally in my backpack
I guess when you’re small, you can ride along just about anywhere.
Wally heads to bed
Sleep tight Wally, it’s been a busy vacation


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