Playing Hide and Seek in Remy!

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Remy is the French adults only restaurant on the Disney Fantasy, named for the beloved mouse (ok, rat) in Disney’s Ratatouille.  You can find Remy hiding throughout the restaurant checking on the diners!

As you enter the restaurant, you’ll be greeted by the first Remy. He’s on the wall hiding the wine.
Then, look up! A crystal Remy is peeking down from the chandelier!

One of the first places you’ll spot Remy is on the back of the booths.


Yes, this is the same picture again ;o) But, did you spot the second Remy? The first is easy to spot, just Remy’s head- but, if you follow the line that extends down from his nose, that line becomes the bottom of his body in a full body Remy!


Our favorite Chef hides in the mirror.


Here you’ll find Remy’s whiskers in another mirror.


This one is kind of hard to see, but the full loop in the middle is Remy’s ear. His face is pointing to the right, and another loop makes up his eye- the scroll that almost connects to the full loop is his smile. At the very far end of the wall you can see another loop and that is his nose!


A little iron Remy checking things out!


Remy hides on the back of every chair!

When you sit down to a fine dining experience you might not necessarily expect to be looking for whimsical little characters (ok, rats!) hiding from you. Then again, this is Disney and we would expect nothing less!

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