Visiting the Senses Spa on the Disney Wish

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While sailing on any Disney Cruise ship is a great way to relax, I find the best way to really rejuvenate and have some “Me” time is a visit to the Senses Spa. All 5 of Disney Cruise line’s ships have fantastic spas. I recently spent some time in the Senses Spa on the Disney Wish.

Once you’ve reached the date to make reservations for activities on your cruise you will see a wide range of spa option.  There are choices ranging from mani/pedi to facials, massages and more.  With so many types of spa treatments available it’s hard to choose! I finally narrowed my choice down to one of the many facials that are available and made my appointment. I would have loved to do more but I need to save some options for my next cruise.

My spa appointment began with completing a basic health questionnaire in the relaxation room, besides general health questions it asked what I’d like to accomplish during the treatment and about any skin issues I might have.

After a short wait I was taken into the very soothing and fantastic smelling treatment room where the facialist discussed with me my skin care routine (or actually the lack thereof).

Many people have said that they fear a hard sell of products after or during spa treatments. I have always found that being upfront and letting them know at the beginning of treatment that my budget doesn’t allow me to purchase any products but that I’d be happy to have their recommendations for the future. This worked perfectly for me.  The very pleasant facialist gave me suggestions for a skin care routine but without any hard sell at all. Others have had success with writing on the questionnaire- No Product selling. All in all, my facial was terrific, and my face looked and felt great!

Now while there are many different spa treatments available to book and I can’t wait to try them all. My favorite way to relax in the Senses Spa is their Rainforest!

The Rainforest on the Disney Wish is an amazing area within the Senses Spa. There are saunas, steam rooms, tropical showers, even an ice room.  I have to admit I only peeked into the ice room as I’m more of an 80F or higher girl. There are also heated stone loungers which are perfect for a nap or to relax with a book. I’m guilty of spending way too much time there!

Heated loungers perfect for reading or napping!
The Ice room- for those who really want to “chill out”

The Disney Wish rainforest also has an outdoor area with giant loungers. there are so many options it’s hard to decide where to relax!

Booking the rainforest can only be done once you’re onboard the ship, you can purchase a pass for the length of your cruise and sometimes day passes are also available.  Day passes when available tend to sell out quickly. I definitely recommend visiting the Senses Spa shortly after boarding and taking a tour of all the relaxation they offer.




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