When Should You Sail with Disney Cruise Line?

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When is the best time to sail away with Disney Cruise Line? Any time is a great time, but here are a few things to consider when trying to get the most from your Disney Cruise Line Vacation.

View of Castaway Cay from Disney Cruise Line ship
Any time is a great time to be at Castaway Cay!

Summertime sailings

When should you consider a summer sailing? Summer itineraries are best for travelers looking to enjoy their school breaks and for those hoping to see a glacier. Alaskan cruises typically set sail during the warm months of May through September. Here are a few more reasons why summer may be the best time to sail.

DCL Wonder in Alaska
The Disney Wonder visits Alaska

While less than ideal weather can happen at any time, you may want to avoid hurricane season. Odds are that you won’t be dealing with an actual hurricane during your sailing, but it may mean wetter weather. Hurricane season in the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean lasts from about June to November. Disney Cruise Line always puts safety first, and may change the route to avoid storms. If there are some rain clouds while at sea, the fun will just move indoors! Enjoy all the fantastic ship amenities, including entertainment, dining, character interactions and group activities.

What about the crowds?

Disney Cruise Line offers the best vacation experience during busy travel times as these ships never feel crowded. While the airports are hectic, busy travel seasons do not change the capacity of your ship. Disney will ensure that you have an excellent guest experience, regardless of how many guests are sailing with you.

That said, you’ll want to book your Disney Cruise Line vacation early if you’re planning to sail during school breaks. Spring Break, December holidays and long weekends throughout the year will be the most in demand. These sailings will fill up quickly, and  prices will increase as the staterooms book up. If you are able to travel when most of the kids are in school, you will take advantage of less expensive cruise fare.

Captain Minnie
Captain Minnie welcomes you aboard the Disney Wish

Seek out seasonal sailings

You should book a Disney Cruise Line seasonal sailing to add a little more magic to your vacation.

  • Pack your costumes for a Halloween on the High Seas sailing! You will find characters in costume, trick-or-treating stations, fall decor and other not-so-spooky Halloween activities.
  • Make your holidays extra merry with a Very Merrytime sailing. These itineraries include festive decor, characters in their merriest costumes, holiday entertainment and unique food offerings.
  • Sail over New Year’s Eve for a celebration to remember! Guests of all ages can ring in the new year with parties catered to their age and energy level before the clock strikes midnight and late into the evening.
  • Enjoy a Thanksgiving feast with beautiful ocean views, and without any prep or cleaning. Yes, there are lots of places to watch live sports onboard.
  • While not a “season,” Marvel fans will love Marvel Day at Sea itineraries. Meet your heroes, enjoy action packed entertainment and more.
Enjoy festive decor during a Very Merrytime sailing!

When should you book your cruise?

Now that we’ve considered the best time to travel, when is the best time to actual book that vacation? The best time to book a cruise is always when itineraries are first released. Disney Cruise Line prices are dynamic, meaning that they will increase as the ships fill up. If you book your sailing as soon it is available, prices be at their lowest. You will also have access to the most staterooms. If you are hoping to book a suite, if you have a preference in room location or you are traveling with a group, you will want to book as soon as you can.

You can sometimes find a last minute deal. This is more likely to happen during off-peak times when the kids are in school. This option is a bit risky as your desired sailing may sell out, you may not be able to get the room category that you prefer or the price may only go up. You may also need to give up Disney Cruise Line’s otherwise flexible cancellation policy. If you find yourself looking for an incredible vacation at the last moment, ask your travel agent to investigate your options!

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When to sail with Disney Cruise Line

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