Surviving the Airport

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Sometimes the most stressful part of getting to your vacation is traveling by air.  It often the most convenient and quickest way to your destination.  Your success in navigating the airport can make a great beginning or end to your vacation. Here are some suggestions of things to consider when you travel through the airport.

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  • Be sure to put identification on and in your bag – Use brightly colored luggage tags to identify your bag from the many other black suitcases that are going to be on the conveyor belt. Also, put identification inside your bag so that if it is lost there is another opportunity for it to be returned to you.
  • Weigh your bags before getting to the airport – If your scale at home shows you are over 50 lbs., rearrange so that it comes in under 50 lbs. It is better to be safe than have to figure out how to repack once you are at the airport.
  • Dress appropriately – Remember that you are going through security. Consider the layers that you have on and what you are going to have to take off once you get to the airport.  Also, since you will be going through metal detectors and x ray machines, limit your metal jewelry.  Consider shoes that are easily removed but it is a good idea to wear socks.
  • Don’t joke or argue with security – The TSA Agents have a job to do. Be pleasant with them and follow their instructions and you will be fine.
  • Be prepared to go through security – Be sure to check the TSA website for an updated list of items that can be taken through security.
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  • Keep track of your Documents – losing your boarding pass, ID or Passport can cause huge problems either getting through security, or onto the plane. Most airlines now have boarding passes you can download to your phone.  Consider this option to avoid one more piece of paper to lose.
  • Make sure you are at the correct gate – You don’t want to miss boarding when it is time to get on the flight.

    Airport Waiting Area
    Airport Gate
  • Always Stand Right and Walk Left – There are two groups of people who use the moving walkways. I am one who uses them to help me walk faster. But, there are others who use them to avoid walking long distances between gates.  To enable both types of people to use the moving walkways, the rule is stand right and walk left.  Be sure to keep your bags behind you so that the walkers don’t have to stop or so that the standers don’t get hit by your bags.

    Moving Walkway
    Moving Walkway
  • Make sure to supervise your belongings – You don’t want to have anything stolen or confiscated.
  • Don’t Shop at the airport – Prices are higher at the airport so, unless it is something you really need to have, don’t purchase it. You can always use your phone to order the item and save yourself some money.
  • Consider the food you take on the plane – You are going to be in a confined space with others for at least an hour and probably more. Be considerate of your fellow travelers and be sure you food is not strong smelling.
  • Purchasing food at the airport – Although airport food has come a long way. The prices are typically 10-20% more expensive than it would be outside of the airport.  If you can avoid purchasing food at the airport, do it.
  • Don’t get drunk – The last thing you want to miss your flight or be removed due to being inebriated.
  • Stay Hydrated – Take a refillable water bottle with you. Make sure it is empty before going through security and then fill it up once you get past the security checkpoint.
  • Visit the Restroom before you board the plane – If to do nothing but wash your hands after going through security and touching all those surfaces at the airport. If you need to use the restroom, do so as well.
  • Be courteous to your fellow travelers – Keep your phone and in person conversations down, if you are listening to music or watching TV, wear your head phones and keep them at a normal level.

Being prepared for you experience passing through the airport can help reduce stress and make your vacation start or end smoothly.  Hopefully these suggestions help you do that.

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